Florida Next In Line For Vouchers For Religiouos Schools


you just have to love the name of this amendment:  "The Religious Freedom" bill.  who could be against religious freedom?  from the article:

“no individual or entity may be denied, on the basis of religious identity or belief, governmental benefits, funding or other support … and delet[es] the prohibition against using revenues from the public treasury directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution.”

well then, that's nice and vague.  in essence, this allows for the direct funding of religious schools via vouchers, a la the Louisiana model.  yes, the same model that is about to go into affect where schools that deny evolution in favor of creationism will receive tax dollars at the expense of public school funding.  wonderful!

and apparently, it's all being done to counter the effect of the militant secular humanists (whatever that means):

"If the secular humanists will sue over prison ministries, what’s to stop them from challenging government contracts with the Catholic Charities, Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services or the YMCA? Are Catholic hospitals safe?"

ah yes, fear peddling.  combine such rhetoric with the name "Religious Freedom" and you have the recipe for success.  is there any doubt that this will receive the 60% support that it needs to pass? 

two days ago, we saw the ultimate in fear based nonsensical foaming of the mouth in response to the HHS contraception mandate. 

"I know in your mind, you can think of the times America was attacked.  One is Dec. 7, that's Pearl Harbor Day. The other is Sept. 11, and that's the day the terrorists attacked. I want you to remember Aug. 1, 2012, the attack on our religious freedom. That is a day that will live in infamy, along with those other dates."

the power of religion to warp otherwise reasonable minds knows no limit. 

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hey irony...

but indeed all corporate cover to do their anti union and anti american stuff imho... kids and fam suffer
they , mba's ceo's w/tithe ties (and tongue twisting bible stuff).. don't care

they just know money
not faith nor freedom.. it's man gone machine crazy imho but hey I'm just a little guy

Shelly Segal's got the lyrics btw.. greydonsquare what!? tombstone! and.. countless other artists on the map of reason imho cya

guess the cops, paramedics, nurses, firemen and any public workers.. will... what? pray? doubt it.
they have reps. they have ways. when one end of america frays the mainline is who get's next. left wing has had next since the cheat of 2000

in other words.. the faith based stuff will lose a. at court, b. on the streets and c. when the kids end up in the prison system(s) rebelling and standing up for the god rites stuff, watch. hello the kid (young adult?) was pentecostal? and that did not stop him from killing folks at movies in CO. ? ~!

oh well guess they love ruin that much.. the profit from it.. then cry about it when they figure 1st amendment is unbeatable with god gloves on nah mean? pfffft.. they're no fun either.. just hide here and cause abuse overseas imho.. those god romney lovers pfffft

shit look what's happened post 1980 ... ! it's like 80's again more nasties tho w/synthetics

and I guess they got this all planned out too?

Would this also work for Muslim schools in Louisiana that want to teach Shariah Law?

In all honesty, I'm split on this issue. Because if you look at it glass half full, these Christians are shooting themselves in the foot when they send their kids to college, and they don't understand -- or even worse, refuse to understand -- a lick of basic biology, physics, and perhaps math. This will ensure Christians for generations to come are glued to the bottom of the economic ladder, making them increasingly irrelevant as political constituents. One could only hope...

But they still get to vote.

get's way more jonestown that one would entertain nah mean?!

Man, i just got on the computer and found out the charter schools in Louisiana are doing all kinds of wacky stuff. They're teaching that god left a trail of tears to bring indians to christ, dinosaurs and humans coexisted, lochness is real, and they require a pregnancy test or they'll kick them out. This is going backwards, fullspeed. *excellent point jonathan. They will have a rude wake up call when it's college time. Hello, welcome to the real world. 

I know, crazy, right? There was a letter published by HuffPost today from an interfaith alliance director urging Jindal to reconsider. Check it out. Id post it now but I'm on my mobile.

The Louisiana school voucher program was just ruled unconstitutional under the state constitution:

A state judge on Friday shot down Louisiana's sweeping school voucher program, ruling that the state could not use funds set aside for public education to pay private-school tuition for thousands of low- and middle-income children.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ... a Republican, vowed to appeal.

... The 5,000 students currently receiving vouchers will be able to continue attending their private schools pending an appeal, state officials said. ...

About 5,000 students are currently receiving the vouchers, which cover tuition and fees at scores of private and parochial schools, including some small church-based schools that infuse all their classes with Biblical references and do not teach subjects such as evolution.
The use of state money to pay for religious education was not at issue in the case; the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that vouchers can be used for religious education so long as the state is not promoting any one faith but letting parents choose where to enroll their children.
In a statement, Jindal didn't tip his hand about his tactics but did issue a forceful vow to defend his signature program. The opportunity to attend private schools, he said, "is a chance that every child deserves, and we will continue the fight to give it to them."

(Read the whole Reuters article)

How about every child deserving the chance to have a great education without indoctrination, in a nonsectarian public school?

In a statement, Jindal didn't tip his hand about his tactics but did issue a forceful vow to defend his signature program. The opportunity to attend private schools, he said, "is a chance that every child deserves, and we will continue the fight to give it to them."

that is such utter bullshit.  you know he doesn't mean that.  he wants kids to have free christian education, no more, no less.  

and thanks for updating this.  i noticed that news yesterday and it made my day.  




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