Interesting article about why consumers can't find food in stores, while farmers can't sell their perishable food.

California dairies dump milk, crops may be left to wither as corona...

... distribution networks haven’t kept up. As a result, some food items are not getting to where they need to go.

... forced distributors to try to pivot from wholesale markets to retail markets, touching off a struggle for new supply chains, new packaging and sometimes entirely new products.

Meanwhile, the trucking business that carries agricultural goods to market has lagged, as drivers remain at home because of the virus. 

 “I don’t see a big supply-side issue for agriculture. It’s really an issue with the food (delivery) system.”

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The point of huge agribusiness production of foods, the processing that takes place in large plants, and transportation over long distances, force us to turn to our own resources for food self-sufficiency. Thankfully, we have the capacity to produce our foods.

I wonder what changes will occur after this pandemic passes? "In many urban and suburban areas, raising chickens is not legal." Some localities do not allow vegetables and fruits raised in front yards. These restrictions must surely be re-evaluated.  




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