humans have anthropomorphized God to the point where they think He (like them) is a football fan.  

“As Americans tune in to the Super Bowl this year, fully half of fans – as many as 70 million Americans – believe there may be a twelfth man on the field influencing the outcome,”

so we have confirmation that there are at least 70 million very stupid people in America.  i'd like to ask each of the 70 million how they explain why Tim Tebow didn't have more success in the NFL.  i assume their response would either be along the lines of describing God's mysterious nature, or maybe they'd toss in some good old fashioned Christian persecution.  but here's what i'd really like to know - assuming each of these football fans prays for their favorite team to win, yet year in year out the odds say they don't, isn't that direct confirmation of your prayers going unanswered?  

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Yes it is. I don't believe in football just like I don't believe in god, but many are fans. A famous basball player claimed to be religious and his wife took up talking "god and the devil" crap enough to drive anybody away. People need to wake up. Even if there was a god, he don't give a shit about your sports!

Wasn't that famous religious baseball player Poohole? I hated his pointing and his wife talking about the "devil having a field day." WTF was that about?

Jesus screwing with the point spread, yet once again. I'm with Dennis. It's difficult to say which I care less about - gods or football. Probably about an even level of apathy. Fortunately though, I only have to put with the incessant babbling about the NFL a few months of the year. The magic sky daddy, on the other hand....

I'll second that Pat.

oh, i've seen that one.  love it!  here's a link.

Hey, if Jesus DOES come back let's see if he can play!

I've always thought how odd it is, the megachurch feel of the Superbowl......

My guess is that there's a higher-than-average number of religious people among football fans due to the similarities: It attracts people who seek a sense of community and something to do with family that enables "participation" for all ages. The spiritual element at work is luck, and things seem to work in mysterious ways, and "miracles" sometimes happen!

People feel as if wishful thinking will save the day. If their team wins, it reinforces their faith.

There's always arguments about what's "acceptable" for the family environment (so strange how a football game has become a family event.) And like so many religious things, there's always a looming threat of something illicit (nip slip) that might happen, despite (or because of??) the extreme repression.

Kinda nauseating how "sacred" this has become. Though February is a good month to have some sort of festive distraction. Chinese New Year can only go so far LOL!!!

How about DARWIN DAY???

Seriously, IMO professional football is not even a sport anymore. (If it ever was.) It's show business.  Entertainment. Period.  And it is nauseating to see, and hear, how devoted people are to the scam.

College football used to be a sport..(and I wish they would show the half-times on TV!) maybe... among small colleges it still is.

And if you want REALLY crazy fundamentalism with your high school football, go to Texas or Arkansas.  There are public schools where the cheerleaders hold up paper banners with buybull verses on them, or short prayers for victory, for their teams to run through when they enter the field.  Gag me.

Maybe they're pointing at the Flying Spaghetti Monster? LOL!!!

At least football represents a secular family gathering......secular except for the implied "family values" forced upon us by the commercials.

There's one truck ad that used to praise farmers and their hard work, or something, now they switched it to "God loves a farmer" or some such crap. UGH!!!

I don't give a flying truck about football!

From "F-Word (A Chat With Your Mother)" by Lou and Peter Berryman:

There are jocks who think that God himself
Is drooling in the bleachers
In a cold November downpour
With a bellyful of brew
Whose entire grasp of heaven
Has a lot to do with football
It's from them I would expect to hear
The F-word, not from you




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