Ed Simon shocked me, by explaining how the new forced birth laws in Georgia, for example, directly impact me here in Pennsylvania.

What the Fugitive Slave Act can teach us about anti-abortion legisl...

State anti-abortion laws aren't about returning to a pre-Roe vs Wade condition within those states. They establish horrifying authoritarian law nation-wide, which 

1. "redefine a woman’s medical decisions as the exclusive purview of the state", and

2. "establish women and their bodies as the effective property of the state."

Simon reminds us that the Fugitive Slave Laws demanded that all US citizens assist bounty-hunters everywhere in arresting escaped slaves and returning them to slavery. In a similar way, if a resident of one of these forced-birth states travels elsewhere for an abortion, the patient is legally guilty of murder, as is the out-of-state doctor, and anyone who assisted her is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. They can be arrested, extradited, tried, and convicted in that forced-birther state.

... this new legislation “is not about human life. It’s about controlling women’s bodies.”

..., both patient and doctor, whether that abortion was performed in New York, or Massachusetts, or California, could be theoretically charged with murder under Georgia law if that procedure involved a state resident. Mark Joseph Stern writes in Slate that if a “Georgia resident plans to travel elsewhere to obtain an abortion, she may be charged with conspiracy to commit murder… An individual who helps… or transports her to the clinic, may also be charged with conspiracy.” 

... let there be no doubt about what legislators hope to accomplish with this and related legislation. In Alabama, exception is made for embryos that are destroyed as part of IVF procedures, with a state senator explaining “The egg in the lab doesn’t apply. It’s not in a woman. ...” Anti-abortion legislation is not “pro-life,” it’s about one thing – policing women’s decisions, imprisoning women (and their doctors), and disenfranchising women.

As the Fugitive Slave Act was motivated by an inhuman racism, so are these new laws mandating forced pregnancy defined by hideous misogyny. [order changed, emphasis mine]

BTW, Sharia law is less draconian than Georgia's law.

The Iranian Law on Abortion is Less Restrictive than the One in Ala...

"It's not an accident . . . it is a coordinated move to disenfranchise half the population." - Jennifer Botari, Handmaids Local 905 founder [emphasis mine]

'It's not about saving kids': Handmaids founder vows to take fight ...

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Such laws are a symptom of fascism.
Keeping the citizens under the thumb of government and it always starts with subjugating women's reproduction.
Control women's bodies and you can easily control the rest of the population. 

GOP and Conservative states are becoming fascist states.
Egged on by the fascist wannabe dictator, Trump. 

The forced-birth laws also have an economic purpose.

When the population is increasing, America’s gross national product is also increasing. Wall Street’s gambling-addicted denizens want an increasing GNP.

This is correct, Tom. Some of my religious friends want to claim New World Order and the government wanting to "kill us all" because it looks that way to them in the book of Revelation. This is why so many are against abortion of any kind. The problem is they have it wrong and are falling right in line for this. Powers that be want your money and they are going to get more money if we have more people. Other than this fact conservatives do not give a damn about you or your religion. Everything today is about money and how to get more money. Nothing has a timeline in scriptures anywhere.

Ruth, reading a law can be an education, and the Internet makes it possible and often easy.

I just searched for the Alabama law’s text and resd it. I don’t know where Ed Simon found what he claims.

You rightly feel empathy for Alabama women, but no provision in the law affects you. Residents of other states will be affected only if the federal gov’t enacts a law analogous to the Fugitive Slave Act.

Also, I saw nothing in the law that prohibits:

1) a pregnant woman’s leaving the state to get an abortion, or

2) someone’s assisting a pregnant woman’s leaving the state to get an abortion.

A related matter. As to people’s bodies being government property, I’m glad the laws now allow women to join the military and engage in combat. When I returned from the Korean War, I complained bitterly of Congress’s old men sending young men to war so they would have more young women for themselves.




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