Hey guys.

I'd like to know your opinion on a subject. I come from a country where religion is not as common (New Zealand) and at work more than once we have been forced to pray.

An example would be at the end of year company lunch. The CEO of the company told a story about a man trying to get somewhere in life. I thought to myself oh yeah, I can learn something from this, until the end of his story. He ended with the man not getting where he needed to go until he accepted god into his life. He followed by saying YOU will not get everywhere you need to go unless you accept god into your life (coming from a man who started rich and ended rich). And proceeded with "let us pray", I'm surrounded by atheist's who just go along and bow their heads and say their amen's (other than me and a few select people). It infuriates me to see people behave this way just because their boss puts them in this situation. In such a large company I find it unprofesional.

Has anyone had an experience like this, I want to know how I should react to this sort of forced religion.

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Ask him if he intends to install a prayer closet for future prayers.

Sounds like a job for
'will to power' or is it power to will; vol 1 book 1-2? or is it.. anyhew

work is work; not prayer
just like creationism is not high school or any school biology class
i hear ya though; perhaps some CEO's haven't broke free from childhood's overbearing parental influence;
or somebody's being blackmailed...by a coworker.. one of the two. ask to create a union at that right-to-pray job and see what happens~

corporate lawyers are fun too; just pool some money from others like u




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