Two of my kids are within arm's reach of forest fires & we're worried sick!

This picture is from the end of my daughter's driveway, & my son sent video of the one across from his place of work.

My son won't be praying, but my daughter will be!

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Is this California? They have so many of them. I would just lock everything up and drive away from there until I heard the fire was out or under control. That's about all you can do.

The trouble with prayer is that it won't seem to be affecting this fire. The wind on the other hand might. Do we pray for the fire or the wind? Maybe an invisible being who can blow the wind? Maybe if god would just let a giant invisible being come along to blow the wind?

I think the reality is that they should evacuate.

Let's see. We could pray to the wind god, or the fire god, or the rain god. On the other hand, the option of recognizing and dealing with reality in a rational manner might just be the preferred option.

I'm with Michael. Evacuate.  In the meantime, I hope they stay safe.




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