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Hi Andy,

Welcome to the site. This category is for more for technical questions. I'm taking the liberty to move your post to the Water Cooler. If you this is not appropriate, feel free to move it to a better category.
Hi Andy.


I just did a wikipeidia search, since I don't not know anything about Adventist. After a cursory view, I still know very little. Their seems to be quite a few sects. Which one did you belong? And, how did you get here? How does one go from being an Adventist to atheist?

I apologize for all the questions, but, until I came to this site, I really never paid attention to religions. I really never had time. I thought being an atheist was enough. Now, I have a chance to ask questions and get answers from real people.
I know there are quite a few forrmer Adventists on the site. There may even be a group, although I can't remember for sure.
My ex-wife was raised in the SDA church. She is seriously disallusioned with religion as a result. However, to be fair, they do know how to eat healthfully! BTW, what was the name of that bozo who started that church? She was a real propeller head of the first rank!




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