I'm curious to know the journey toward enlightenment that any former Muslim has taken. Why are there so few atheists who were once Muslim? Is that type of apostasy rare?

The majority of Americans are Christian, so most literature I've read and experiences I've had are based in this mythology. I'm curious about Islam-centric journeys into non-belief and what that experience was like.

Are there any former Muslims willing to share their experience with me?

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 24th of June 2037, barely 25 years since now. I do not know the reason for your optimism but I feel that there will be very little change in Muslim world in such a short time. This would be possible only if  a strong liberal movement would be existing in the Muslim world, which is not there.


A fascinating reply! It has given me some insight and things to ponder (not to mention, to look up!).

I look forward to learning about your personal journey.

Thanks for posting!
I know there are former Muslims who have struggled with leaving their culture and beliefs behind. I want to know your stories
Kalliope, I'm glad you replied, but nothing posted...

try again? (Or is Allah preventing you from posting??)
Kalliope, don't you know that Sunday is My Day of Rest! ?

I've been so busy running the world and all, but I'm happy to spend time here.

I always say that Muslim religion is difficult to live in and even more difficult to leave. The Quran prescribes death penalty for a muslim deserter. Despite this, there are more muslim atheists than we notice. Every society has closeted atheists who face difficulties in coming out in open and Islam is no exception.

Madhukar, I'm an optimistic person in general and hope that visions of reality set in on the world, especially the Muslim world. To me this culture seems most recalcitrant. Perhaps it also the most violent, especially concerning apostasy. I'm glad most Muslims are not violent and are accommodating of 'The Other" (like me).

I'm not sure why you think 25 years from now things will be better in the Muslim world. What made you pick that time? In 2000 years, it has not changed much, and I doubt that 25 years is enough to change such an intransigent culture.
Kalliope, the change you mention is great, but this progress still leaves the religion as a majorly repressive cult compared to modernity and to other religions. While I agree that Islam has come a long way, it is still stuck in the iron age. Even in this age of technology, prayer times are still determined by an Imam in Saudi Arabia who must see the actual, physical location of the moon in order to determine the times of day worshipers must bow to the east in Allah's honor.

As a religion, Islam is different. For some reason it has a deeper hook in it's victims than other religions, and I don't know why. Where is the originating? Why would/do women subjugate themselves in such a way, and yet believe they are NOT. This whole culture seems so repressive, misogynistic, and prone to or even accepting of violence. What other religion is this way? Why are there SO many believers?

These are the questions I hope to explore and understand.




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