I was an associate minister at a church for around 2 years and a leader in a campus ministry for 3 years before that. I'm interested in talking with other former pastors to compare our experiences. I'm thinking about starting a group on this site for people like me, but I don't know if there's enough interest.

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I'm reading Dan Barker's new book, Godless. It is much more than just an update on his earlier book, Losing Faith in Faith. I higghly reciommend it. It is probably the best written account on the subject of this forum.

Barker is the Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the largest atheist group in the US.
I almost went to a Methodist seminary school until I lost my faith. Basically, I believed the Bible until I read it. I've never been a pastor, but I did spend a bit of time in the ordination process. What's your story?
mthoreau, I wrote up my story here: http://personman.com/religious-autobiography-1980-1998




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