As much as anyone, there are forum and blog discussions that annoy me.  There are also some that I find interesting and even compelling.  Some postings are interesting, some are cool, some are obnoxious, some are weird, some are insightful and wise, some are tiresome, some are inappropriate, some are clueless, some are repetition of the same old ideas, some make me think twice.  I can often predict, more or less, what is going to be said, or what side will be taken and how it will be expressed, by the profile pic on the comment.  Im sure that's true for my profile pic as well.

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I think there's a disadvantage in that it is harder to see what interesting topics pop up. On the other hand, it does eliminate the spammers.
Yes. It is sad, but seeing as their is little interest in discouraging garbage and promoting quality standards, it's probably for the best. The gibberish was becoming embarrassing.
I hate it. The news feed was the heartbeat of the site, and it kept people interested and discussing. We simply needed some vigilance with the spam. Now its difficult to find discussions, and thus less people will have a say.

please put the news feed back. Social networks do not function properly without it!
Well, essentially the no-brain vandals have won. People's feelings being so precious, any attempt, no matter how feeble, to discourage them is frowned upon. Everyone feels entitled to blabber whatever crap they want because apparently this is their space and they can do what they please and if you have a problem with it you're a Nazi. So you end up with Examiner spam one liners, jokes that were old when Noah was an lad, idiot Hollywood blockbuster movie reviews and descriptionless broken links and media embeds. If it's a choice between that or nothing, I prefer nothing. There is of course an alternative - screw people's feelings and demand quality standards are adhered to. Isn't that what the guidelines are for? But it won't happen. Not much good having guidelines if sensitivity to people's feelings trumps them. In such an environment mediocrity creeps like a cancer and ends up overwhelming the host. And that is precisely what has been allowed to happen.
After you've sorted the forum by Latest Activity, bookmark it. (I replaced the main page bookmark I had.) When you hit the new bookmark the forum will come up pre-sorted by latest activity just like before on the main page.
Re: activity listing

Or you can use an RSS reader with this -
It never hurts to do a search before posting.
Yes, I have to side with Daniel - the search function is extremely flaky. That is not a reason to not use it tho'. But it is impossible to find a lot of stuff. Googling search terms is way more reliable.
I meant a number of things by search.

1. Going to the Atheist Nexus Discussions, Ideas & Site Suggestions or General Network Questions categories and scanning the topics. Most people have been good about posting an appropriate subject line.

2. Yes, the forum search function often sucks. I'm in total agreement. I use it anyhow, because it does often work for me.

3. Google using " blah blah blah".

4. For site issues, ask a moderator, or "Report An Issue".




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