As much as anyone, there are forum and blog discussions that annoy me.  There are also some that I find interesting and even compelling.  Some postings are interesting, some are cool, some are obnoxious, some are weird, some are insightful and wise, some are tiresome, some are inappropriate, some are clueless, some are repetition of the same old ideas, some make me think twice.  I can often predict, more or less, what is going to be said, or what side will be taken and how it will be expressed, by the profile pic on the comment.  Im sure that's true for my profile pic as well.


Not having been a fly on the wall when the decision was made to remove the ongoing new blog postings and forum discussions from the front page, I can only guess - I imagine they are gone because the negatives overtook the positives.


That being said, for me it's hardly worth going to the front page any more.  Checking the #s of blog postings, they are at the lowest level in almost 2 years, when nexus was far smaller.  The decline started before this change, but is now about 1/2 of some earlier numbers.  I was thinking of adding a blog post, then decided why bother, no one will see it or read it.  Judging from the sparse comments on recent blog posts, it's likely that's true.


It's also hardly worth looking at the forums, too hard to see what's interesting and being discussed.


It might just be the groups that I'm involved in, but involvement there seems off as well.  Maybe it's summer doldrums.


The same will probably be true for this post as well.  I wonder if it will be seen, or discussed.



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Yes, I have to side with Daniel - the search function is extremely flaky. That is not a reason to not use it tho'. But it is impossible to find a lot of stuff. Googling search terms is way more reliable.
I meant a number of things by search.

1. Going to the Atheist Nexus Discussions, Ideas & Site Suggestions or General Network Questions categories and scanning the topics. Most people have been good about posting an appropriate subject line.

2. Yes, the forum search function often sucks. I'm in total agreement. I use it anyhow, because it does often work for me.

3. Google using " blah blah blah".

4. For site issues, ask a moderator, or "Report An Issue".



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