Billions of air pollution particles found in hearts of city dwellers

Air pollution not only damages your lungs and brain, it damages your heart.

The hearts of young city dwellers contain billions of toxic air pollution particles, research has revealed.

Even in the study’s youngest subject, who was three, damage could be seen in the cells of the organ’s critical pumping muscles that contained the tiny particles. The study suggests these iron-rich particles, produced by vehicles and industry, could be the underlying cause of the long-established statistical link between dirty air and heart disease.

More than 90% of the world’s population lives with toxic air, ...

Maher and colleagues found in 2016 that the same nanoparticles were present in human brains and were associated with Alzheimers-like damage, another disease linked to air pollution.

“For really young people, the evidence is now of very early-stage damage both in the heart and the brain,”... [emphasis mine]

In a program about cars, David Attenborough said that around 1910 reliance on horses in New York City produced so much manure it posed a major health hazard. Piles often reached 6 stories high. A 10 day conference was scheduled for leaders of global cities, looking for solutions to this common problem. They cancelled after 3 days, giving up. But by 1912 the problem was gone, because Model T Fords had replaced horses.

This problem of fossil fuel-based vehicle and industry air pollution seems similar to me. As long as the global fossil fuel industry remains in control, it will get worse. As soon as everybody switches to renewable energy, it will go away.

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Switching to clean, renewable energy, not just electricity as an intermediate step from polluting fossil fuels, is critical. Electric cars do no good for the habitability of our planet if they just shift pollution and greenhouse-gas emission towards central coal (or oil or whatever) fired generating plants, or towards natural gas extraction (particulates and ozone) and transportation (methane).

More on natural gas and fracking: Environmental Impacts of Natural Gas (Union of Concerned Scientists)

As I sat in the chemo section of Cancer Care Northwest with 17 other people allowing the poison to be pumped into our bodies in our fight against our cancers, we pondered, out loud and often about what brought us all to this point in life? What did we do wrong? What other things should we have done? How can we change what causes cancer?

The answers come clearly to mind, billions of toxic iron-rich particle of air pollution.

Hearts > fossil fuel-based vehicle and industry

Brains > fossil fuel-based vehicle and industry

Lungs > fossil fuel-based vehicle and industry

The powerful grip fossil fuel has on our economy produces unnecessary diseases and suffering. 

The horse trade may have had power over 1910 economics, even as the fossil fuel trade has power over 2019 economics and the solution may become apparent as quickly today if information flows freely through corporate media. 

Just another reason to support the alternative press. 

Wind and solar energy are cheaper than fossil fuels




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