Impeachment is a tiny detail. Even if the impeachment proceeds, even if it informs the public of Trump's criminal behavior and reveals him as a Putin stooge, the system of fossil-fueled fascist takeover won't be stopped. Pence is just another flavor, with a religious tang. Mass media in the US are under corporate control. The GOP are tools for the likes of Mercer and the Koch brothers. Our best hope is the youth climate protest movement, but deeper changes will be essential for human survival.

I argue that fossil fueled fascism (FFF) is late-stage hierarchical civilization, wherein human beings have lost control but don't realize it. We won't be able to transition to a sustainable Partnership (egalitarian) civilization without radical transparency. Secrecy and lies are an essential structural feature of FFF.

In An Earth Scientist on Climate Change: ‘We’ve Created a Civilization..., James Dyke says,

We are locked into a planetary-scale system that while built by humans, is largely beyond our control.

Most of humanity is tightly enmeshed into a globalized, industrialized complex system – that of the technosphere.

I argue that his Technosphere is driven by tremes, identified as the third replicator by Susan Blackmore. 

Self-reproducing entities which exist independently of humans, such as corporations, can not be disentangled from the complex global systems raping the earth. By identifying what's in charge, people could take back control, for example through thorough radical transparency and corporate accountability. We must also take responsibility cooperatively for our overpopulation.

How can people continually ignore the evidence of climate breakdown, which threatens everything they hold dear? Hard core climate denial, I argue, requires capture by memetic systems such as white nationalism or evangelical religion, which are not only falsehood-based but replace personal cognitive about the future with myth ("belief"). White nationalists implicitly rely upon a white homeland being established as a high-latitude refuge for them alone when climate chaos gets bad. Evangelicals rely upon complete escape to heaven. Politicians and media controlled by corporations unable to "see" beyond 25 years successfully manipulate all. Thus the public's unconsciously agreed-upon common sense reality, which should compete with toxic myths, is also unable to "see" beyond 25 years. 

It's not just our consumer behavior, or our "identities", or our hours immersed in entertainment fantasy that fall prey to profit-motivated nonhuman entities. It's as if each of us has been reinvented as an ant by a monstrous complex system devouring the natural world, but its virtual pheremone-like control goes unnoticed, hidden by nested shell companies, corporate secrecy, and lies, lies, lies.

I challenge the morality of secrets, of attorney-client privilege, of defying congressional subpoenas. What if the climate movement demanded not only justice but also the public's right to truth. 

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It's as if each of us has been reinvented as an ant by a monstrous complex system devouring the natural world, but its virtual pheremone-like control goes unnoticed...

A powerful image that rings true!

There's a song for that: :)

"The ants are my friends, they're blowin' in the wind..."

I agree with you, Ruth. I also think (without proof) that fracking and other procedures can be linked in many ways to our new weather patterns of late. Nobody cares because the idea is keep us all dumb while they make every last dollar at any cost.




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