It is no secret that Fox News is the most popular news station (even though they aren't a legit news station) in the U.S., beating out CNN and MSNBC combined based on amount of viewers.  The U.S. is much more conservative and religious then all the other western countries.  Do you think Fox News (with their current hosts) would have any chance at lasting if they were based in say Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, or most other countries in western Europe? 

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Radio rules now. Oops, I meant internet. And another thing; cracks me up when they say 'special interest' groups... fascist organizations? More better. ; P

yes, the channel in general is obsolete and therefore the followers become...

wise? internet, liveleak, anexus, showtime shameless, craig fergesson late night...

dvds? science code stuff... marine engines and pier fishing?

secular debates... they eat eachother ya know.

"...and f-ck carrots" - Dave Chappell




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