Hannity is so arrogant and tries to describe what he thinks about Atheism.
Silverman does such a good job on the show.

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Silverman did very well. Hannity is just another idiot that thinks Anerica is a Christian nation.

Me too Booklover

Hannity says Silverman is narcissistic.  I don't know where he gets that.  "You are too full of yourself to believe that people care"  Huh?  Then he states Silverman is egotistic.  Where does he get that?  Hannity looks prretty egotistic to me.

Hannity is zipping around to all sorts of things.  He can't decide on what argument to make.

Does Fox pay SIlverman to come on to the show and speak?  He is providing them with an audience...... 

I am not sure if Silverman gets some sort of fee to come to Fox News. He does provide them with viewers who like to see Hannity call him names - I can look that up.

Hannity is just using all sorts of insults. Maybe he thinks that is what will make the Christians watch his show.

Thanks, Carl, for this video. I'm probably repeating, but one problem Americans have here is that they believe themselves to be "gods chosen people." Jews are tolerated because modern belief came from them in a sense, and the Jews will be converted to christianity "in the last days." The passing of this mantle of being "chosen" has went full circle today into Anglo Americans. We are the Jews. Not everybody admits this belief, but it is demonstraded in the never ending book writings of Lindsey and others. American christians have ALL the answers, etc. We see it in every book, program, or talk show.

The problem is that none of it holds up when you view christianity from other countries. That seems to make it nothing but egotistic bigotry!

I seem to remember someone saying that the reason the Jews were chosen by God was because they were the most lecherous, dishonest, despicable tribe at the time. If he could get them to follow the 10 Commandments they would be his example to righteous living on earth. So if someone says to me, I'm one of the chosen ones. My first question would be why were you chosen?


Yes - all those holidays are made up.

Thanks for posting that really good Silverman video Flying Atheist.

I think at this time of year it is important we get out there and make ourselves known.

What a great video.  Thanks FA.

I think Silverman goes on Hannity because he can usually get a good zing in between Hannity's long, insulting, ignorant rants to awaken some people to the possibility that atheism is an option. His zingers have a way of stinging some to pay attention. Silverman uses Hannity in ways that only Hannity can dream. 

I suspect Hannity thinks he wins the confrontations, but I highly doubt that he really does in the long run. 

The test, it seems to me, is whether Silverman has a rising number of people who sign up and support Silverman. That will be fun to watch. 

It's Hannity's show, therefore Hannity thinks that he wins all the arguments.  What he forgets is that there are opinions out there other than his and people who actually bother to listen to and process arguments and determine from that analysis what is salient and what is not.

Put simply, Hannity is a shill, much as O'Reilly and too much of the rest of Faux Noise is.




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