Hannity is so arrogant and tries to describe what he thinks about Atheism.
Silverman does such a good job on the show.

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Dani, fuck Tonya.  that was an incredibly rude thing she said and i hope she apologizes.  it's unfair to make people admit something about themselves that could cause them significant distress.  lives have been lost for less.  discuss this with your family when you're good and ready.  hopefully someday, because i agree with Tonya that your family should know who you are and love you for it anyway.  

i agree with every single word you just wrote.  

Good for you, Dani.  Coming out can very often be a stressful and long process......and you are the one who should always be in control of that situation.  Unfortunately, coming out as an atheist can lead to broken friendships, divorces, and being shunned by family, etc.  I hope none of that happens in your case.  It sounds like you have a plan, and you're smart for making the choice to delay your actions until after a holiday which I'm sure is particularly important to your fundamentalist family.  After all, they are your family and you know them the best.  And remember, if there are negative reactions when the time comes for your announcement, the fault lies with them and not with you.  Best of luck to you!  Have a good holiday and enjoy your family. 

You have to do what you believe in and what is right for you.  What is right for one person is not the same for another, and those situations can change too.  

You can express your thoughts here and find kindred spirits or know you are not alone in your thoughts, and find community and camaraderie.  That you have have come to your own conclusions after such a christian upbringing is courageous and awesome.  That happens to a lot of people, and every time I see it happen I'm impressed. 

Dani, my stepfather once said to me "Michael, you are going to split hell wide open." This was a threat that is one of the "controls" of christianity. Hades and the underworld, incorporated into major christian beliefs, have today united the ever burning trash dump outside of the city with the grave that we all must go to sooner or later. I wouldn't worry about such bullshit today.

This same stepfather, living all alone and having nobody, sets around his smoke filled house in a cigarette fog that makes it hard to breath, let alone see. He is watching Jimmy Swaggert 24/7, smoking away, and saying repeatedly, "Oh, praise god, praise god." He's 84 and scared to death. When he finally dies maybe he will have a little peace.

I've never came out to him as atheist. Maybe if I wanted to torture him I could, but I just let it go.

You'll be fine Dani.  Go at your own pace.  I'm an old atheist so it's easier for me. I come from the same type family.  Against science and knowledge.  Those things make people question their religion. Stay true to yourself.  We can love our families even though we are atheists. And mine love me right back.

I hope you don't come out to your father until and unless you are completely independent of needing any support from him, economically, or socially. It is very difficult to think independently when, in reality, you are dependent on him.  

Dani, I will insist with my dying breath that EVERY coming-out process is as individual as the person coming out and their situation.  YOU are the one living in your own shoes, and YOU know what will work and what doesn't for YOU.  You have the absolute right to manage if, when, and how you go public with your atheism.  That's your right.

I'm out because I'm independent of anyone who could possibly impact my being out ... and because I really don't give a ripe dump what anyone else thinks about my atheism!  So there, BLEAUGH!  [big grin!]  That I'm out (or anyone else!) should have exactly ZERO impact on any decision you make regarding that.

Anyone who says otherwise has their head in an anatomically unlikely position.  Period, end of story.

Hannity is a blowhard ... and one of these days, I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone pulled a Buzz Aldrin on him!

Definition needed. What is a "Buzz Aldrin"? other than an astronaut? Google Buzz Aldren ...

Oh! he punches out idiots. Good for him. So, you are saying Hannity could have someone like Buss confront him?! Oh great! that would be fun to watch. I didn't think he would get that close to a Buzz-like person. Does he always keep his desk between himself and his guests? 

Gives new meaning to Ralph Kramden's old line:

To da MOON, Alice!

"happy holidays, Sean".  nice jab there at the end by Silverman.

Hannity has typical preconceived notions about what all atheists must be about.  it's like he pulls his material from the comments section at The Blaze.




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