FOX News: Jesus & Santa were both WHITE historical figures

so get over it!


Megyn Kelly, FOX Common-tater (that's a potato that's not special), FOX's version of historian and theologian, tells us, "Jesus was a historical figure, and so was Santa.  And they were white".


Take that!  you liberals who want to change Santa's race because of your mamby pamby racial political correctness.

Of course, if there was a historical Jesus - arguable - then he most likely looked like other historical Jews of the time. Although, he was only half-Jewish. Who knows what was the race of the holy ghost who inseminated Mary. Could have been anything.

As for Santa.... living on the North Pole and all, and being from Europe, maybe he's Sami? Which does sort of mean Santa is white. I could not find a historical reference telling me Santa really exists though. Megyn Kelly probably has some inside info that us mere mortals don't comprehend.

Forgot to add, this was via Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist website, via an RSS reader

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How many of you are members of Atheist Nexus Facebook page? That is where I first saw this post.
I always thought Santa looked just like my dad; balding, a bit overweight, and a love for the same ugly boxer shorts. Didn't Santa show up late at night at your house on Christmas Eve in boxer shorts, smoking a cigar, and cursing the directions on how to put a f&@%ing bike together? HA HA!!

i didn't know there was an A/N Facebook page.  thanks for the heads up.

Hmmm. Jesus was a Jew, and if real (a big IF), looked like all the other Jews of his neighborhood at the time, as Daniel pointed out. Santa is, in part, based on St. Nikolaos, Bishop of Myra in present day Turkey. And, probably looked like all the other Turkmen of his neighborhood at the time. But, thanks to the modern miracle of TV propaganda, we now learn that they were white Europeans. I'm guessing they also spoke the Americanized version of English, supported Ronald Reagan, and were card carrying members of the Tea Party. 

you just knew Jon Stewart wouldn't pass this one up:

It wouldnt surprise me if she's just making up the whole fake outrage thing to build a following. Then goes home, has a Bud lite, and says "I cant beleive those dumbasses believe this shit! Cant they see it's an act? I mean, do they really think Im that stupid?"

Mindy, so FOX isn't a plot to completely discredit the conservative Repuglicans by making them look totally stupid?

It seems to be having that effect!

What's wrong with Megyn Kelly? (I like it, SB, that you called her a common-tator) I'm beginning to think that Fox News should be called Comedy Central. It's Jon Stewart who should have the news program.

here's a really excellent response, courtesy of Think Progress:

Jimmy Kimmel got into the action too:

"Mr. Potter and the Commies of Bedford Falls".  hilarious!!!!  that's taking it to the next level!

That was excellent. I especially like Kimmel's line about changing facts to fit a political agenda being the Fox New business model.

Matthew thanks for the Kimmel link.  That's hilarious!


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