Fox News Labels Westboro Baptist a Left Wing Organisation

No kidding. From The Young Turks, via YouTube.

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Apparently if black is white, war is peace and ignorance is bliss, then probably left is right and conservative is liberal.

Faux Noise strikes again.

Maybe they are Left of the FOX News team?  I keep wishing to find out they've all Left the country.....

I find it hard to believe that anyone could be to the right of Fox.

On the other hand, I find it difficult to believe that anyone could be in the same fantasy world as Fox, even Westboro.

Well, after all Faux News reported that the "Appalachian Trail" South Carolina Governor was a Democrat and never corrected it.  Apparently, this is what they do if a Republican messes up.

There is a fellow from the California ACLU on YouTube named LiberalViewer who has scores of Faux News alterations of the news. His latest is on the Newtown, Conn. school shooting which is stark comparison between the Democratic response and the Republican response, and how Fox twisted them both -

LiberalViewer's channel showing media bias in general (there are other networks, but Fox gets the huge majority of bias).

It's terribly disappointing to have a company, and individuals, in a profession that I regard as a near "sacred" trust - so dishonest.  I understand if they have a conservative point of view and beliefs that disagree with my own.  But they tell lies dressed up as "news".  To me that's evil

There is nothing sacred about Rupert Murdoch, that's for sure. The Leavenson inquiry into his corporation's corrupt practices should be enough to trigger the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act here, but I don't see anyone in the government willing to take on Fox as a corrupt organisation.

It would be awesome to see Murdoch jailed!

But just like the folk in Scotland Yard and the British Parliament, he can buy off whomever he needs to in Washington - there must be some reason that Fox isn't up on charges over foreign corrupt practices.

He shut down the oldest English-language newspaper in the world over the Milly Dowler phone hacking scandal, the senior editor of the Wall Street Journal resigned (as he'd been a previous senior editor of News of the World), Rebekah Brookes, his CEO temporarily, was jailed, a private investigator and the royal news editor were convicted of phone hacking, Lord Leveson's inquest revealed deep corruption within the organisation.

And Washington ignores our own laws. News Corporation (an American company) should be charged under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Congress set up an inquiry and immediately swept it under the rug. The whole sordid affair is detailed at Wikipedia.

I was thinking about this.  Currently reading "King Leopold's Ghost".  The history of Leopold's rape of the Congo, along with human rights abuses involving torture, enslavement, and mass murders leading to the deaths of, uncertain, 5 or more million people in the late 1800s early 1900s.  One reason Leopold got away with it so long, was he was sophisticated at buying off the press, intimidating the press, and creating his own press to laud his Congo efforts as humanitarian and civilizing.  Satirized by Mark Twain in Leopold's Soliloquy.   Long way of saying it, except my idealized view of the press is excessively rosy.


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