Did you hear?  Being gay is like being a terrorist. Oh Bill O'Reilly... can't live with you... can't kill you. 

Thoughts? (On the ads, on Bill O'Reilly, on Faux News, whatever works)

[I didn't know where to put this.. I debated "Politics" or "Ethics / Morals" but in the end Fox News tends to be the political-sort; I hope this is ok.]

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This Is no more than I would expect out of Fox News.

Gay people didn't blow up the world trade center and kill thousands of innocent people,some

religious nutjobs did that!
This is a perfect example of the narrow mindedness that spurs intolerance.
This add had nothing to do with solely homosexuality, it was a great add with its message advocating tolerance, immersion and tolerance in our society.

For O'Reilly (can't say FOX as his show is an editorialist segment and nothing more, even if they do try to make it appear as factious news) to take this solely as a message towards a minor percentile of a population is nothing but narrow mindedness. He fails to see it as I've already explain it and even fails to understand that a lot of non gay people support equal treatment of homosexuals (both in law and social attitude) even if that's still not the message that notion being disregarded shows a terrible bias towards what is different.

"come as your are" is actually a great message that could vibrate throughout the world for people of all standings in life. McDonald's still not a food that I like much but, as an organization, this is a great act on their part.
Meh. When the cretard who rules Italy at the moment got punched in the face, his approval ratings skyrocketed. Is it what you all want? Ridicule harms these guys way more than physical aggression.
The food is behind the cross, very sneaky.
I hope so or they aren't secret ninja's.
Fox News a propaganda machine for the Roman Catholic Church, the odious Southern Baptist Convention, and the GOP. StopBaptistPredators.org
Sorry Billy boy it has run here now that you played it....he is such an in incredible moron and it amazes and frankly scares the shit out of me that he has such a following.

I wish someone would get up the guts to (not me I have children) :) to do a bunch of pro-abortion posters all with the faces of the folks at Fox News and company, not to mention all the other kookafarians with an agenda and a book to sell about their unsolicited opinions.
How about a bumper sticker that says: "You're proof of why abortion should be legal." XD It's what I'm tempted to put on my car since I don't care who keys it.
There is nothing wrong with this ad, it's updating them to fit today. People aren't going to like it of course. It airs and is a good big thing in France and few other places, but of course, here in the U.S.A it's a big deal. There is nothing wrong with it, it's just showing the true people of the future.
As for Bill O'Reilly, I never liked him and never will, he is nothing but an inconsiderate prick and that's all I have to say on him.
Yes, they are definitely selling a non-discriminatory image as Cat said. I don’t care much for McDonald’s food but this ad brings the company up in my estimation. It is refreshing to see this kind of acceptance, even if it is self-promoting.

I will throw my disdain for O’Reilly into the collective pot we got going here.
Well, I don't see anything wrong with the ad... besides the fact that it didn't do a good job in making me want want their food over anything else...
Well, when we think only on whether or not commercials sell products, then the commercial failed in making you want their food. However, when you realize that commercials have long also sold morals and values outside of their products, then it is considered a success.




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