Fox (and friends) News U.S.: The Most Ignorant, Fallacious and Idiotic News Service On The Planet!

I was astounded at the sheer stupidity and fallaciousness of this Fox News report concerning the city in Wisconsin which has now protected atheists from discrimination.

The rants are nothing more than slippery slope and arguments from absolute ignorance fallacies.

The news readers and guests on Fox News are among the most ignorant people I've ever witnessed on a television news service.

They really need to employ somebody with at least a rational brain in their service.

J. Christian Adams proves himself to be an extremely dumb former Department of Justice official.

If they have fallacious clowns like him in the department of justice, it is no wonder that the justice system in the U.S. is so idiotic and pathetic.

It appears that the U.S. Justice system also won't employ rational people, because that would be anti-Christian.

No wonder the U.S. justice system is so CRAP.

Apparently with Fox News, to employ a rational person is anti-Christian.

Thus they cannot employ any rational news readers.

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I have to thank Fox News. 

It helped drive me away from conservatism and the republican party and I am so much better off for it. 

 LOL George,

If we had a news service as stupid at that one in Australia, the station would be forced to shut down, because nobody would bother to view it at all.

Though if stupidity drove you away from ignorant bigotry, as this station portrays, then I agree, that is also good.

There are sometimes I really envy other countries. I get the whole free speech/press thing but some just take it too far. They take it to mean they can have any belief they want without any regard to the truth or any sort of reality. Like it's their duty to have an opinion and defend it just for the sake of free speech. Facts be damned. Oh, and if you try to use facts to defend your own opinion? "Bias" It's just crazy sometimes. The end result is stations like Fox News and uninformed viewers hearing only the news they want to hear. And that's not even to mention religion in this country...

Although we do have radio shock jocks. Opinionated racist bigoted ignorant right wing white men.

Hey, I dig shock jocks, on all sides, they serve to stimulate conversation and debates.

This is why ridicule is so useful.

As Lawrence Krauss has stated that it is ridiculing ideas that creates progress.

Why does a pilot need to be a Christian? He didn't exactly explain that. If a pilot's main duty is to lead the passengers in prayer, that's not an airline people should buy tickets from.


And now, to lead the prayer in kissing your asses goodbye...



True Bill, 

He thinks having a belief in Hell will make a pilot be more careful, which is most likely the opposite, in that he thinks he is going to Heaven and those sinner passengers are going to hell, so he is in that case, more likely to crash the jet.

Atheists often have a greater desire to see as much of their only life out as possible, so I'd much rather an atheist pilot any day.

I'm angrier at your double chins, J. Christian Adams. More rolls than a bakery.

What's with this Adams guy talking about "angry atheists" and how the FFRF sued in order to get certain pastors to stop preaching certain things to their congregation. I don't think that happened. The FFRF never attacks anything going on inside churches. They should take a cue from this and realize that "religion" is a 2 way street. I have a right to be protected from religion just like you have a right to worship your god.




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