I'm sick of the old theistic, appeal to emotion (terror/fear) fallacy of: "There are no atheists in foxholes."

Which gained publicity recently with the naive idiot Si Robertson (uncle Si) from some stupid American show called "Duck Dynasty."  Where the average intelligence of the characters wouldn't rate on any official intelligence tests.

The actual truth is, that it makes little difference to most soldiers beliefs, when in the front line, because they were aware apriori of their vulnerability/mortality.

In many cases it actually turns devout Christians to atheism, because after seeing the faces of those they kill, especially up close as in Vietnam (jungle warfare), they start to realize that they are killing fellow humans and for what?

It is the realization that they are likely just pawns in an unjust war, that prods them into thinking, if there is a god, I shouldn't be here, killing people who have families waiting and hoping for their safe return.

Some of my friends were Christian before they took part in such conflict, only to arrive home as atheists.

In fact, one who did a lot of killing and cannot sleep at night, because he gets flashbacks of the faces of those he had slain in close combat, is a staunch anti-theist.

He has a hatred for those that sent him into battle, as well as a hatred for the religion that made him believe that he was doing the right thing for some imaginary god.

There are a few such anti-theists who served time in Vietnam here.

Likely those sitting in rooms controlling drones who don't have such close encounters with the victims of their attacks, won't be shaken from whatever they believe in.  

Such is the privilege of isolation.

Thus, foxholes so often turn theists into atheists and anti-theists.

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