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Worthy of note: committing a crime in a burqa has been done, at least once in France in 2010, and that's just after a quickie Google search.  It wouldn't surprise me that the same dodge has been used on other occasions and locations.

Allowing the burqa means allowing public anonymity, the criminal's best friend.

ps   It's uncommon for people in our society to go around with totally disguising coverings or costumes.  They would be treated weirdly if they did; approached by security when they're in stores, and so on.  I don't know that a bank would let someone in, wearing a burqa.  I think you would have problems if you walked into a bank wearing a ski mask and a large poncho, too. 

That it's uncommon is the only reason it's tolerated as much as it is.  When there's a group that does this as standard practice and commonly, it can't be tolerated. 

Fair enough I would probably raise questions dressed like that, but there is nothing to stop me doing so legally. If you want to institute such a law then I think you're giving the government much more power than it should.

My point is that banning it on security grounds is nonsensical to me. It wouldn't have stopped terrorist acts like Oklahoma, 9/11, Boston, Columbine or he attempted underwear bomber. While there may have been some Burqa attacks they are much less common and passing draconian laws that restrict individual rights isn't the way I'd like to see society run.

As I said in a previous post I'd like to see the end of the burqa, Just like I want to see the end of Islam and any other religion but legislating it away will never work.





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