It seems whether or not you add Oil into the Equation, The people doing the Fighting are doing so because they are hearing instructions from the Invisible Creator. If they feel the need for permission to inflict mayhem, carnage, and chaos there is a bible or fact simile with subliminal interpretations green lighting the task with specific permission. As a Non Believer since age 15 ,and probably a good 10 years prior, a serious doubter (Im going on 66) I can state firmly how good it is not to want to go raise hell (pardon the pun) by force feeding interpretations of daily occurrence's into violent action. I try Very hard to do right by myself and others and of course Im not Perfect (Im a Human and not like my 2 ex wives -Wink) Improve and just so happy to not have "Voices  In My Head dictating violence against others, Thoughts Comments??

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