I was reading along minding my own business when I happened on an article that revealed that a Dawkins event was canceled at the Wyndgate (holy) golf club due to the owner taking exception to Mr. Dawkins. Seems that he was watching (of all things) FOX News(?) and saw Mr. Dawkins spouting controversial rational thought sort of stuff and so he made the executive decision as owner to cancel the scheduled event. I ran off a quick missive to the powers that be thanking them for saving the game (and more than a few souls I’m sure). I’m a little angry at this action and was wondering if anyone else found this offensive and perhaps found it to be a violation of his rights. It is surely a form of religious prejudice however how much protection does that afford those who shun religion. Finally I was wondering if there have been any further developments in this matter......that someone may be aware of.

If you care to here is the contact info for Wyndgate (that’s with a Y so much more distinguished) send 'em a missive of your own let 'em know what you think....or not  lol


Anyway bigger things afoot for sure this just got my attention and I was wondering…..


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indeed; seems a bumper sticker idea i had makes sense
"Science... I don't get it. Jk, ; )"

fkn scumbags are so hard up for slaves that don't think they'll do anything.. yet are not able to do all they want until the Constitution is canceled on their/ and China's behalf. Serious. Even Jeb Bush was sucking totalitarian asian dick on CNN tonight; scumbags. Go away and live where you can suck it!

@ : 55!


Well, I like the fact that CFI (Center For Inquiry) is going to pursue legal remedies.

Hey thanks for the info. It seems that they may have recourse though.....they may claim potential disruption and if i read the CFI response that may be the direction they (Wyndgate) may take. It is plain to those of us who have felt this sort of discrimination that the decision was based on his objection to religion. still in fairness that may well be felt as a source of potential for disruption etc. for some golfers get violent in the face of the truth.


Ill be watching the link....thanks.


Thanks Pete for the article!
"controversial rational thought sort of stuff" :)


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