Restaurant Customer Tossed Out for Angry Tweet

August 17,2011 - Gizmodo.Com 



The war of phone wielder against chef rages on: despite today's pro-phone victory in Washington, Texan comrades have been hit with a setback. Allison Matsu was having a drink. She didn't like her bartender. She tweeted about it. BOOM: booted.

HoustonPress reports Matsu's infringing tweet called her bartender a "twerp," and labeled him with a #jackoff hashtag. I wasn't aware twerp was insulting to anyone outside of Bugs Bunny cartoons, but I can see taking offense to the whole jackoff thing. Especially in hashtag form! That multiplies any burn. The establishment's Twitter operator spotted Matsu's peeved message, and within minutes was on the horn with the bar—and out she went.

How'd she take it? Not well:(Continues)


 twerp   [twurp]noun Slang .
an insignificant or despicable fellow: Her father thinks her boyfriend is just a twerp.
Also, twirp.

1920–25; origin uncertain




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