Hi there. My name is Dren Asselmeier and I am a campus organizer for Center for Inquiry. I was hoping to connect with even more freethinkers and atheists via Atheist Nexus, but there isn't a spot that is specifically set up for students to speak generally. I just decided I would post my own discussion. 


I love hearing stories that students have about their own faith-related/godless experiences on campus. Anyone care to share? Even if you're not a student anymore. 


Also, we have been getting a lot of hits on our blog lately because of the high school students that have been standing up for church/state separation. You can check it out here: http://www.centerforinquiry.net/oncampus/blog/archive/


Let me know if I can help you with anything! :)

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Hi, thanks for posting this up I cant remember how many times ive been ridiculed for being so anti-theist. Im an incoming freshman for the fall and I hope that it goes better than my highschool experiences. I remember that the last experience I had was when we had presentations of ourselves and lives as a final for my Economics class and I decided to express my atheism to the whole class, now they didnt react there and then seeing as my parents had been invited and they didnt wat to make a scene but I wasnt so lucky after. I of course received the glares of hatred and disgust but what really bothered me is how some of the people I had really gotten along with just completely refused to acknowledge me. Some others went as far as to mark all over the atheist badge that I had chosen to place on my mask (which is basically a mask that was meant to represent our personality and lifestyle for the project). I am frankly surprised that the intolerance is so high as to destroy someone elses property in the process.

Not to mention that Ive also lost alot opportunities with woman after they find out I dont believe in god and my last relationship was with an active christian and ironically she ended up cheating on me... just goes to prove the hypocrisy doesnt it?


Oh man that fuckin sucks i'm 17 and i've been homeschooled through out my life and pretty much grew up being an atheist.Did your parents get all mad at you?
My parent didn't mind it much since I had made it clear early on and my father grew up hating the catholic religion so I really had no trouble there.
right on




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