freethought comedy show looking for Christian Fundamentalists to debate

I run the comedy show God Tastes Like Chicken. The show is a mock christian revival service, with comedy and music. We have taken the christian "god" and replaced it with a chicken. I recently started engaging some of the bigot fundamentalist preachers that proselytize in Union Square. I challenged them to a public debate at my show, which they accepted in public, and then promptly weasled out of.
I am looking NYC area fundamentalist preachers to publicly shame. If you have any email or websites that seem promising I would be greatly appreciative. While I realize that by nature fundamentalists are dangerously unstable, please refrain from including the overtly violent, I have a cast to think of.

This is my last encounter in Union Square.

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still looking. Atheist Nexus, give a man with a show that actively confronts organized religion a hand!




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