My name is Cécile Cabanac. I’m a french journalist and I work for M6 channel which is one of the most important channel in France.
I would like to make a report about atheism in the States.
In France, last few years, we have heard about George Bush’s links with religion. We’ve been thinking sometimes that all american people were very religious, wich is not true for sure!
French people have discovered last days that atheism exists in the United States and it’s been recognized by President Obama himself.
That’s why I would like to make a report to inlight what atheism means in America, and how it’s been hard sometimes for atheist to say their thoughts.
« atheism coming-out » still seems to be difficult to make.
I would like to know if you can help me to contact people who have made their coming out last few years and who have suffer for it. I tkink it would be interesting to show that consequences can be very important in family or work. I need to follow three people with different routes.
For example: One who has lost his job, one who has broken his links with family about his disbelief, and one who is accepted by his family but still misunderstood.
The questions I’d like to answer in this report are those :
What means atheism to you?
Is there mistrust about atheists in the States and why ?
What can be consequences about atheism coming out ? Do Atheist people loose their job when they say they don’t trust in god ?
Are they some politicians who represant you ?
Do you think that president Barack Obama will change image of atheism in your country ?
Do you think in the future State and religion will be separated ?

In a positive way, I would like to show that atheist people form a big community. That’s why I would like to film the American Atheist Convention on April the 9th.
This report will be filmed on the very beginning of April to finish by the convention in Atlanta.
Now, You know everything! if someone is interested in that project, please contact me now!


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Thank you very much for you reply!
I hope I'll find those brave people!
Have you already contacted the American Atheists organization about your project plans? If not, you can contact them here: http://atheists.org/media/press_inquiries

I am sure they will be able to help you extensively with your report on atheism in the United States. Personally, I do not have much of an interesting story. I hope your project turns out well!
Oh yes I've contacted them! but I try to find people interested in that report by myself too! but thank you for your help!
Oh! thank you John I'm going to watch the video et read that site!
I really thank you for your help!



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