For those in the group who still have a heart beat I thought it would be fun for us kansas to reintroduce or selves (if you have already) Or introduce your self for the first time.

I really don't know any of ya and I think this would be a great way to breathe some life into the group...

I'll start.

My Name is Leon, I go to Emporia State University I'm 21 and a Full time student there.
I currently study Business Administration but am strongly considering moving to psych. (So strong that I got the papers on my desk to make the switch hehe.)

I've been atheist for many years although when I exactly deconverted I don't Remember. I was raised in one of our rather religiously active towns of Atchison Kansas. I now spend my years moving between it and Emporia.

Your turn!

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First of mason, Congrats!!!

Second of all I'd be interested by transportation can be an issue for me. But there is a possible chance I may be living in the Lawarence area next year so who knows :P

Anyways I'm gonna check out your website sometime today if time allows.

Thanks everyone for replying, lurkers who haven't... post! :D
Hi to all you good people. I think I am one of the older atheist here. 56. I am so happy atheist are
speaking out. When I was a kid, teenager. young adult there was no internet and there weren't any opportunities like this. My family have always been atheist so we kept our thoughts about religion to ourselves cause that's the way it was. There was something about going over 50 and being diagnosed with MS that helped me find my voice. Finally! I was a nurse, now I am home on SSDI. Married 33 years. To an atheist. I want to welcome all the new members. We lived in N.H. for 7 years and belonged to a group of secular humanist. We would get together once a month. That was from '95 to '02. I miss it. I am in Pittsburg now. We went to the University of OK a few years ago and got to hear Richard Dawkins speak. Well, we saw him too. It was great. Sorry so late to reply.
Hello. I'm Justin (a.k.a. Dr. Cowboy), I live in Shawnee KS (suburb of KC), I'm 40 (but just barely), I'm a computer programmer by day, dad of 2 by night, occasional classical violinist, author wannabe, science enthusiast, type II diabetic, recovering cultist and fundie evangelist, evolution proponent, and the owner of Dave III, the most awesomest Mustang ever to hit I-35.

We seem to be rather spread out. Predictably, Kansas Atheists seems to be a rather small group. As someone who doesn't seem to actually know any other non-theists, I would love a get-together, but it looks a bit difficult logistically. Anybody?
Hey. My name is Tyler. I'm a Wichita native, but now live in Ottawa. For an Atheist, it's like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Very few people outside of my close friends and family know. I'd probably be chased out of town with pitchforks.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here. I work for an assisted living facility for adults with developmental disabilities. I'm 28, married for almost seven years to a reformed Catholic (not my doing), and I have a two-month-old baby girl.

Hi everyone, I'm John, age 23, living in Manhattan (for now).  I was raised Catholic and became an atheist at K-State after learning some basic things about psychology, philosophy, biology, and physics that made religious belief impossible for me.  I like discussing these matters with religious people (since I'm surrounded by them), because religious belief interests me, but the Christians I know always change the subject or get angry when I bring it up.  Or they just send me a Lee Strobel book and pretend that's the solution to everything.  Anyways I'm here to verify that I'm not the only sane person in Kansas xD and to fend off intellectual boredom

Hi,  I'm Grace.  I recently moved back to Kansas after 21 years in the South.  It's great to be back somewhere a lot less religiously oppressive.  I'm a Washburn graduate and last spring I finished my masters at West Virginia University in spring 2010.  I'm married with two daughters who are missing all the snow we get in WV.


I live in Leavenworth and as a disabled vet it is great to be so near a base again.  I don't think I've ever seen so many officers in my life!  LOL!  I love being near to Kansas City and am looking forward to seeing all the sights and enjoying all the benefits of living in a larger community.  Although, I will always love WV (not so much the rest of the South), I am really enjoying all the conveniences of living 20 minutes from Kansas City. 


Congratulations to our new Dads! 

Hey all,

My name is James (friends call me Jim), I'm 22 and I have lived in Lawrence for the past 15 years. I'm a senior at KU working towards a BA in Math and a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I plan to graduate next year and continue on to grad school studying evolution and systematics of birds.

Like Conrad Hudson, I am a member of KU SOMA. I hold the position of SOMA librarian and keep a large collection of religious, atheistic, philosophical, scientific, and other books for members to borrow and enjoy.

I was raised in a Catholic family, but have been skeptical of the religion since Junior High. I didn't begin calling myself an Atheist until High School, and joined SOMA during my third year at KU. I recently joined Atheist Nexus so that I could meet more Atheists and have heretical discussions without angering (or even losing) my theist friends, as I have done on Facebook.

I'm looking forward to getting to know more of you, and anyone who's in or near Lawrence should stop by for a SOMA meeting sometime.


I'm Shelah, 50 yrs of age, US Navy Veteran and work as an avionics electronic technician in the town of Olathe.  I live in the Mission area and my youngest child is in high school. We have been here 13 years since leaving Florida.

I'd say I was born to an atheist family, though my mother and I went through a New Age faze in the late 80's to mid 90's I'm ashamed to say.

I still remember the first time I heard the word (name?) "God"... age 5 and mom was pregnant with my sister and I asked her where babies come from.... "God helped your daddy put him in my tummy"!  "oooh", I said, "who's God"?  I don't remember what she said (and she's gone now) but i do remember the look on her face. The only time I ever saw my father in a church was at a chapel in a funeral parlor.

I went through phases of going to sunday school or church's overseas when my dad was stationed in Japan when I was 8 to 12 yrs old.  I'd listen to the english speaking missionaries sermon(s) through the headphones (translation into Japanese) and even let them baptize me (I was eight then and thought it neat to be dunked in that pool they had behind the pulpit), however, I do recall how I always felt sorry for them because Jesus failed.  lol, kids, eh?

I did go through an angst around the age of 12 or 13 because this "god" that everyone was insisting was going to "speak to or touch your heart" well, "he" never did.  

I've never had faith (but I did have chickenpox, twice! ..and measles once) even though I looked and looked for it.  I don't look anymore, though for awhile there I thought maybe I just didn't get that "faith or god" gene... skipped a couple generations perhaps, but, it doesn't look like my children have "gotten" it, (caught it?) either.

My daughter earned a full scholarship and refused to attend college in Kansas (that whole evolution thingy ya know) so she's in her last year at Tallahasse University.  My oldest boy is stationed on ship in Japan and like his mom (and grandpa) has "none" on that "religion line" of his dog tags.

Now that mothering is winding down I am working on paying more attention to politics and societal pressures (I quit watching TV during the Geraldo fiasco in 1990) and I'm really shocked how:

  • news is not news anymore but some kinda weird entertainment?
  • that little girls are still being treated like dollies? shoot, my daughter is more of a feminist then Gloria was back in the 80's! 
  • flabbergasted that seven USA states still have laws on the books that contradict our 1st amendment!

I seem to be way behind the times.


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