I did some digging into the origins of the Friday the 13th myth, and guess what... It's Christian misogyny. No... really.

Short version: 13 goes back to ancient timekeeping -- 13 x 28 lunar cycles... which, incidentally, is also women's menstrual cycle, which... as we all know, is pretty much evil if you're a Christian. Friday is Freya (Or... ironically, Frigg), a fertility goddess that was turned into a witch.

Long version: I've got a full length article on the subject at Atlanta Examiner.


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Avicenna, I don't think anyone's suggesting that anything about this was "simple." The number 13 as a significant or magical number is ancient. I picked one of the threads of history that was relevant to our current culture, and does trace through our direct forbears. There are plenty of other angles, twists, and turns. The point wasn't to show a direct line of X and only X caused Y... well... that wouldn't be good history...

But having said that, the superstitions surrounding 13 do have to do with religion. That much is pretty much historical fact.
You've reminded me I was  taught 13 was evil because a witch had 12 in her coven and the devil made 13.
Yep, yep. That was a Christian "adaptation" of the Freya legend. Good goddess becomes evil witch.
Yeah... I've heard the Knights Templar story, and I suppose it's possible that this was "The" Friday the 13th. But my little post was designed to show that it's much older than just a random event in the 1300s, and that it is part of a larger theme in history -- Christianity taking "positive" indigenous customs and twisting them.

If you think about it... that's really the entire theme of Christianity. Jesus is good. Everything else is evil.


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