Why is it as soon as people you have known for years find out youre an atheist, they look at you in disgust and disbelief. The follow up question sometimes can be "What happened to turn you away from god?" When my mother asked me that I told her "it's not what did happen but what didn't happen." I heard someone else say that and it definitely applies to me. Anyone wanna share their experiences and thoughts?

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This is not unusual Shawn. 

I was recently asked about religion and replied I was atheist to which a friend responded, no she's not, she's agnostic but spiritual. ??? My "spiritual" talks with her amount to her talking nonsense and me saying it is all hokum.   I was taken aback, I guess she knows me better than I do. 

Another person (who happens to be on anti-depressants and very religious) has diagnosed me as depressed because of atheism due to the fact that I roll my eyes at her regularly.  Only depressed people roll eyes I guess. 

Go figure.

Did you ask your friend to show you their degree on psychology? I'm stumped myself as how someone can be agnostic and spiritual. That kinda makes me think about how some people say god "exists" but not in the physical world. He's outside of space and time. What's their point of reference? I
"in" psychology...

I have never had anyone react with disgust or disbelief. The folks that have cared at all have been defensive, which they have dropped as soon as it registered with them that I wasn't attacking them. However, I am almost positive I was discriminated against at a job when my boss found out I'm an atheist.

It's amazing how polarizing belief in god can be. The odd thing is most of the people who have looked down on me were Christians. So much for love and compassion huh?

I've had more problems with Muslims take issue with my atheism than Christians.

That's very common for religious people to automatically assume that you've had a bad experience with god. I try to keep it short and and sweet, and say "nothing happened, that's the point", or something similar. How do you turn away from something that you don't believe in. I have to say that the xtians i've encountered were really good at pushing my buttons. You just have to keep cool.

The most common response that I have gotten:  "But you're such a nice person!"

I told my best friend that I was atheist and described my belief system.  Her response:

You're not an atheist.  You just don't know it.




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