My friends grandson, who will be 1 in a few weeks, fell out of his moms bed (I think she brought him in there with her because he got up too early), and there was a lamp on the floor with, I'm assuming, no bulb or shade.  He fell on it on his head and it got him right in the soft-spot.  HORRIBLE.  It went an inch in and now he is at a Childrens Hospital and they say it hit a vein, there was bleeding, and he had leaked some spinal-fluid. HORRIBLE, AWFUL accident.  I'm sure his mom is mentally kicking herself over and over.  Hopefully he will be okay. 

My friend posted about it on Facebook and sure enough EVERYONE who replied said they were praying for him.  WHAT THE HELL GOOD DOES THAT DO?????????  It will be the doctors and SCIENCE that save him, not begging an invisible 'god' who, if he/she/it exists, let him get hurt in the first place, or should just heal him right now with no begging.  I will not say anything or post that because this is obviously not the time, but SERIOUSLY does NOBODY THINK???!!!!!!!!!!  I, of course, am hoping for him to be absolutely fine, and I hope it with all my heart, but I'm not going to beg some sky-daddy to make him better.  I am trusting the doctors and their training.

Reading the posts was just surreal to me.

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 It sure is! I hate this everything happens for a reason shit.


Yup,I have a friend who thinks she has fibro for a reason..The reason is so she can understand her adopted son better who does not have fibro.

 But on other forums I see this:"I'll pray for you shit almost every other day. Someone told me it really means nothing more than :"You are in my thoughts."

God will bless your sweet.I will wait here and witness his recovery.
I gotcha there..They also fail to understand if there was a god and he.she were watching over you,this tragedy never would have happened in the first place.




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