Has anyone seen the HBO Documentary “Friends of God”? Amazing! Ted haggard is featured (Ha!). They all look like a cult of mindless automitons. They talk about their sex lives-”we have sex twice a day and my wife climaxes every time”. So, does this mean that I have to be born again in order to have satisfactory sex? I’m bringing the bible to bed next time :-).

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I not only have seen it, I kept a copy of it to show my friends. Its a very interesting journey through the Evangelical church's of the US. And while I am sure its has a bias, I think its much less biased then some other things I have seen, that cover similar topics. Most of it is just letting the camera's run and record.

Two of my favorite segments are...

Near the opening credits (not to far after wards) it shows a talk that Haggard is having to his "people", explaining to them basically how to behave in front of the camera's. It comes off I think less lighthearted then he expects on film.

A second segment I love is with the person (I forget his name) who heads up the "Creationist Museum", talking about Dinosaurs and Evolution with the church's youth (and we are talking youth 4-5 years in age). At the end the talk basically boils down to "because this is the word of God" as it usually does. But the level of indoctrination that is occurring in that segment there is frightening.

I recommend watching it to all my Friends.
If the Creation Museum the video refers to is in Kentucky, it is operated by Ken Ham. I live about 7 miles from this abomination.
I believe that's the one and he's the guy.

I have seen that place featured now in no less then 3 documentaries I have watched recently, granted two of those docs where about Darwin/Evolution vs Creationism/ID.
I’m a Kentuckian too. Just another black eye for this state that already has a dubious reputation in so many other ways. Ugh!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>So, does this mean that I have to be born again in order to have satisfactory sex? I’m bringing the bible to bed next time :-).

Well, it will become handy when you need to rip out a few pages to wipe yourself off after your done.
Hmmmmm, never thought of that. So let’s see, what passage is good for wiping off :-).




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