When Fringe first came out, I was excited. I watched it ravenously for the first few seasons. What's even weirder about that is I never liked the X-Files.


Fringe excited me because of the sci-fi ideas it postulated. I also loved what I thought was the atheistic leanings of the brilliant Walter and maybe even the other main characters...


It was his admission that he actually did believe in God, and not just any God, but a personal, interventionist God who answers prayers, that disappointed me. Ever since then the show has deteriorated into almost a pathetic advertisement for the so-called "Noetic Sciences" that Dan Brown made (in)famous in his book "The Lost Symbol".


It has become very hard to suspend my disbelief watching the latest episodes. I kind of have to watch them, because my Dad still thinks it's one of the best shows on TV right now, but I find ways to get away from watching them sometimes...


Aside from a lot of pseudoscience and the lost chance at great atheistic characters on a popular American TV show, the story-line itself is, I think, unimaginative.






Whichever universe Peter destroys is entirely dependent upon which Olivia he chooses to love? Really? Can they get more sad and cliche?





Anyways... what are your thoughts on where Fringe is going these days?

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Despite my repugnance for pseudoscience and the frequent plunge into gross horror stereotype, as a sci-fi addict I find Fringe entertaining. Parallel universes open up dramatic possibilities. Characters change and grow. Perhaps the tension between repugnant lowest common denominator content and attractive simultaneous character possibilities, kind of entangled, for all of the characters excepting Peter is a deliberate device. :)
I enjoyed the first and most of the second season, I didn't like the whole Olivia crossing over and coming back plot line, then the tie in to peter having to pick one olivia. This makes me think that the season is going to end on both Olivia's being in one world and him being presented with a choice. I'd really like it to go back to the weird cases with a small amount of ongoing story being revealed per episode. I'm no expert, but, with how much the "other world vs our world" plot line is starting to take center stage makes me think the show might just be coming to an end soon.

All in all I liked the show but it's started to be a bit cliche'.
Must say, I love Fringe, It's one of my favourite shows.  Like all the best stories, it's about personal relationships. The most interesting at the moment being the confusion Olivia is experiencing regarding Peters relationship with the other Olivia and also the relationship between Walter and Peter.  The Fringe science aspect of the show is secondry in my opinion, and personally I don't get hung up about the accuracy of it. At the end of the day, it's entertainment, not a documentary.




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