From “E PLURIBUS UNUM” to “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Was polarization inevitable?

America’s Xianity has within it the seeds of its own destruction.

Witness the low religiosity in the European nations that had three centuries of religious wars.

Do America’s Xians see a short-term win?

Do they not see a long-term loss?

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American Christians believe that they are right and everybody else is wrong. They carry this belief over into their own groups of Christianity. In short, if you are not like us you are wrong. Now the push is for a "Christian Nation" which we never were and my believer friend also agrees to, but then he slips up and declares America was founded as a "Christian Nation."  Many are jealous that Islam is "getting ahead of us." Our believers cannot get a grasp on Deism that we had before we turned more towards science. 

Will this destroy us? It certainly does us no good. The push of the New Apostolic Reformation today is only to be able to get control of America for financial gain using biblical dogma as a base.

This is the presumptuousness of Christianity in the US. This country started out with a secular motto: "E pluribus unum" - Out of Many, One, a wonderful expression of a nation of disparate and varied people's and cultures. Apparently, the proselytizing nature of Christians could not be satisfied with such a statement, and with the threat of Communism as an excuse, pushed "In God We Trust" on to us, only a few years before public practice of religion was first challenged in the courts.

Since that time, fundamentalist believers have tried to press what they perceived as their rights, alleging incorrectly that we were a Christian nation ... and mostly losing. More recently, the number of Protestant Christians have dropped to the point where they cannot even claim to hold the majority of the population. Still, these people insist on their "special status" and complain of being persecuted when they're not treated as such.

Man, you want to talk about "special snowflakes?" I suspect it will take nothing short of a cultural tsunami to disabuse Christians of this attitude and point of view.

Arbeit Mact Frei

Work sets you free.

G/D xtistians and apparent white nationalists appear to think their 'creed' is is better than others.

As climate change destroys the world with eventual omicide xtians with their 6000 year old understanding of 'history' and thoughts that armageddon will raise them to heaven is freightening.

It's uncomfortable to me how many people believe in eternal life, or other such nonsense and disbelieve the facts and the world around them.

My understanding is the armageddon thing and xtian theology absolves them of any responsibility. I also understand that many look forward to it - and in a way want to make it happen sooner so they can get to the kingdom of god.

Christian  (perhaps white) nationialists perhaps think "from many one" means everyone should think and behave as they do.

Why did they vote for Trump.

Because grabbing 'pussy' is acceptable and 'fun?'

Why did white women vote for Trump?

Did they want their geneiltaia grabbed by greedy politicians thinking they would win the lottery?

Ok, Chris, tell us who you were angry at when you wrote those two posts and the reason(s) you were angry.


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