From Epic Fires to a 1,000-Year Flood: The Climate Change of Here and Now

From Epic Fires to a 1,000-Year Flood: The Climate Change of Here a...

We can deny that record-setting heat temperatures exist all around the world. We can delude ourselves into thinking that human activity has not contributed to climate change. Denial and delusion are extremely ineffective problem-solving processes. We need a reality check to describe what occurs and then explore for options.
The notion of more coal, oil or gas will solve our problems requires blinders to make that determination. Pay attention to what is actually happening.
What are our options as thinking, reasoning human beings:
1. Deny and delude oneself into thinking we need to do more of the same and get the desired outcome.
2. Do a reality check to define the problems facing us, including natural changes in climate and the human-caused factors that may be contributing.
3. Whine, complain, cry, act like a victim when fires burn our homes and flood out our communities.
4. Think, reason, explore options, find common ground, act as individuals who share a ride on planet Earth.

From Epic Fires to a 1,000-Year Flood: The Climate Change of Here a...

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"4. Think, reason, explore options, find common ground, act as individuals who share a ride on planet Earth."

I do live as an individual who want to ride share the earth, but those in the drivers seat are the 1% rich who owns more than half the worlds wealth....and they want more control....the rest of us are serfs. I realized I am cynical about it so I could use some good news.

Thomas, I most respectfully disagree. We are not serfs! Unless we have lost the battle to the 1% who owns half the world's wealth. They may want more control, but are we hopeless? 

I spent a lovely day with a family on Sunday from France. We compared the revolution of Colonists and the French Revolution. Why is France so much more confrontative than we? We didn't find an answer, but we had a great discussion. 

People of France riot in the streets now because of the imbalance of wealth. They gather at town halls, they disrupt buses, trains, and cars. They make their protests in a noisy way.  

Are the people of the US so programmed to be polite, to not cause a fuss, to not stir up a little hornet's nest that we have become sheep?  


I agree, and for the record I live in one of the areas evacuated from Cedar Fire in California. 

It's more than just the problems faced with fossil and highly polluting fuels. For the past 5 years there has been a drought in California killing the Cedars and other tree's in the national forest. We've lost almost half the forest due to lack of water, and bug infestation (Dead tree's make good bug food? Who knew!). However even in extreme conditions like that no one came to play Dr to the forest, no one cleared the underbrush which would have put the various bugs food supply back into balance AND prevented the fire that has burned over 20,000 acres from being able to grow this large. By extension caring for the forest responsibly would have meant my home wouldn't have a wall of fire less than 5 miles away that's heading straight for it. 

We all share this planet. 99% of all things that have ever lived are extinct. If we choose to take a passive role (ban all human interaction with nature) we risk becoming a part of that 99%. If we choose to take a neglectful role (drill baby drill), well that's more akin to species suicide. Neither work, we must take an active role caring and nurturing our planet. The planet isn't god and there's no evidence that life can't go extinct if we leave the planet to it's natural conclusion. We are a part of nature and we have a responsibility to ourselves and every other living thing sharing this planet to try and do the best we can because we have the ability to understand its importance and we have the ability to make a difference.

I've been living in a high school gym, their firewall has been preventing access to "social media" websites including this one, I have since moved to stay with my mother while my father is out of town on business. I'm not crying, I'm helping anyone and everyone I can. I have neighbors that are trying their best they look like they could break at any moment. They deserve compassion and support. The forest deserves responsible forestry services that understand that a healthy forest needs proactive doctors, denying the forest that is as irresponsible as denying a child medical care for "religious" reasons. 

This stuff is important, lets stop acting like children and think rationally about the real problems we face, and not just make snap emotional decisions. Please?




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