I'm told that during my first weeks in utero I was a female, and then a chromosome sent me along a different developmental path.

I survived birth, and about eleven years later Ma and Pa Nature replaced my blood with hormones.

What a ride that started.

In my upper 50s I noticed that I was pursuing women with less enthusiasm.

In my 70s I started developing a girlish figure; I grew boobs.

A few years ago a woman told me I have A-cup boobs.

Some ancient people had a god they called the Trickster.

Move over, Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I'm pretending it was neither a birth defect nor a mental illness, as some lesbians insist.

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I've been telling women for years that I'm really a lesbian. This idea isn't going over very well with them, I'm supposing because of the benefits I would recieve. They need to look at both sides here.

go jogging and jiggle them boobs!

Embrace whatever shape your body takes.  Nature likes to play with us. 




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