From the Hypocrisy-is-as-American-as-the-Fourth-of-July Department...

Most Scandalous Bible Study

Apparently they got to the lesson on fidelity a little too late. A Congressional Bible study group called C Street is drawing attention after two of its most high profile members, Senator John Ensign (R-NV) and Governor Mark Sanford, became embroiled in sex scandals within a week of each other. In his news conference announcing his infidelity, Sanford, specifically cited C Street as a place where he faced "hard questions" and sought counsel. According to the Washington Post, at least five lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats, live in the group's brick house on C Street SE, and at least one resident reportedly confronted both Sanford and Ensign about their affairs upon learning of them before the scandals broke and urged them to make amends.

Read it at Washington Post

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