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My name is Roger Tirazona and I hail from the tiny island and catholic fortress of Malta situated in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.  As you can imagine I form part of a very active secularist group (the Malta Humanist Association) that is active in proposing a change to a (hopefully) increasingly secular Malta.  If you want to know more about our situation watch for concordats and other historical references to the political power of the Catholic Church in Malta.


Summatively, I am a PSHE Teacher and a performing artist/musician.  I graduated in Psychology and Communications with a post-grad in education and I am currently reading a Master's degree in Bioethics with the faculty of theology at the University of Malta.  (I am probably the first publicly-admitting atheist to do so).  I have experience in life-coaching and motivational speech as well.

I am a singer, music producer, composer, arranger, actor and I perform Musical Theatre performances. So you can imagine what a busy life I have. (Since I'm not wasting time on my knees praying and doing other superstitious stuff I can be very productive).  So you can conclude I'm a renaissance type person who dabbles in sciences, arts, philosophy etc.

I am very glad to be forming part of this large community and hope to be able to contribute well and as much as I can.  Feel Free to ask any questions!




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