When realizing my atheism, one of the hardest things for me (besides the fear of Hell), was my feelings of hopelessness. I finally had to get to the point where I determined that I must follow truth, even if it meant utter depression and hopelessness. Many longtime atheists don't realize how real and terrifying this is.

Once I accepted this initial pain, I was able to gradually find peace. It was very similar to losing a loved one or breaking up with a lover. I had to learn my life would have the meaning and purpose I gave it. I eventually got to the point where life was more meaningful and precious then before.

What were your experiences?

Where do you find hope?

Where do you get peace?

I bet some of you are still suffering with these realities. Please share them with us.

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Great discussion.

I chose to embrace reality, no matter how harsh or ugly it could be. I found that reality is both more wondrous and more horrific than the insulated, scripted and cultureless fantasy world that I abandoned.

I find hope in love and humanity. Do all people that I encounter give me hope? Of course not. Dysfunctionality is pervasive. But frequently I meet individuals that impress me with their positivity and love and passion for life.

I find peace in acceptance.



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