What happened to the updated posts and blogs on the front page? I hope they aren't gone forever. That's the only place that I know how to easily see what's new.

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It's still not there 4 hours later!
More than likely, the blog, forum, and event feed on the front page won't be back. The front page was taking too long to load, so it was causing many first time visitors to leave before it loaded.

The blog, forum, and event pages all have tabs at the top of every page on the site. You can also set up an RSS feed, which might be even more convenient than having those three site categories on the front page.

In future, you may get a speedier response to your question if you report an issue (at the bottom of the "About Us" tab at the top of every page.
Isn't load time extra-speedo now?
If the front page is taking too long to load I could suggest a few other bits of useless static content to remove.

I'll give the forum and blog list pages a try. That is probably the appropriate way to use the site anyway and I just never caught on to it.
Tom, just hit the Forum button then switch the View button from Categories to Discussions. Leave the Sort By on Latest Activity, then bookmark the page. When you hit the new bookmark it will display the forum set up by latest activity like the front page use to be.

The Blogs button sorts by latest activity anyway.

Was anyone else having trouble loading the front page before? Are there still people stuck in the breakdown lane on the Information Superhighway?
I suspect it's not the content but the candy/cockroach bait that is the problem. With Flash and ads blocked, even when my connection is throttled back to diallup speed, there was not that much lag loading it with the crap turned off.
I never really had any speed issues with the front page.

I don't mind the site being re-organised, but I do wish if this is what they were planning they might have told us. I've been coming back here most days the last few weeks and if there was some plan in the air, I was certainly unaware of it.

but water under the bridge,

Forums > sort by discussion.

Got it.
I'll see if I can have a word with They about giving notice before changing things around.

They = The Powers That Be.





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