in shiia prayer, one must curse Omar more times than any one else in order for him to get the lions share of damnation

upon the siege of mecca the tribesman ummayah saw the size of the Muslim army and subsequently converted. he later became the caliph of an empire spanning from Egypt to Persia. upon becoming caliph he went on to slaughter all of the descendents of muhamed.

amr ibn il 'as, the man who conquered and managed the Egyptian province was famous for his cruel taxing. so much so that his sons refused the gold he offered them.

The caliph, upon hearing, this sent the imperial guards to seize all that was there

leaving only the message " more for me! "

many of the siihaba (people who new the "prophet") who introduced much of the hadith and the Qur'an where infants at the time the profit was alive

the Qur'an was written half a century after the death of muhammed

because the Arabic language was not a written one during muhammeds time

the famous 9 year old wife of Mohamed, after his death in adulthood demanded the execution of a man who contradicted her on the content of a hadith

the man was not executed because she was unable to produce a second female witness on account of the hadith

while the shiia principals of faith equate a significant cultural difference

what caused the schism and subsequent war was the racial tension between Arabs and the former persian empire. the result was the Abbas dynasy

most famous for its poetry

as a result of several generations of mixed breeding the Turkish emperor mehmet had a legitimate claim to the throne at Constantinople

a popular miracle story of muhamed is that he traveled from mecca to Jerusalem in one night on the back of a magical animal upon arrival he prayed in el quds mausque with all the other prophits

the problem with this story is that it occurred 3 years before the first mausque   in meddina had ever been built and nearly a century before the first mausque in jerusalem had ever been built. in fact no one at the time even knew what a mausque was

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Can anything that is completely fabricated, ever be called a fact?

Hey, they do it with the bible all the time.  Why should the quran be any different?



   I couldn't agree more.  Well put.

and Muhammed's daughter had visions too, talked about her children's future and all that.




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