OK nowhere else to post this but a tech head friend and I were discussing this over a couple of martinis and we think we have a plan.

Most large evangelical churches use cordless radio mikes so preachers and singers can prance and dance about while giving their holy message.

We thought it would be fun to build a broadcast van with a powerful radio transmitter able to overpower and interrupt the mike signal and broadcast our own "MESSAGE FROM GOD!" directly to the heart of the fundies.

This is a project for when I win a million dollars in lotto but imagine seeing the faces in the congregation when a booming voice "of God" comes out over their speaker system apparently out of nowhere.

Q: what messages would you give them?

It would have to be short and to the point so you could deliver it and move the van before anyone caught on to what was happening.

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This should be a simple backyard electronics project. But I'm not up to speed on that kind of stuff. Any amateur electronics geeks here ? There has to be.
I remember doing something like this back in high school. We noticed that we could pick up the drive-thru headsets of a nearby fast food joint on our two-meter radios during a theatre production, so we decided to drive over after the show and have a bit of fun. We sat in the parking lot and placed some creative orders on behalf of anyone who pulled up to the drive-thru speaker. The FCC doesn't like it when you do that, though.
Brilliant idea! I'd actually attend church to see that! (I don't have an answer to your question.)
I have a real thing about the Hillsong church here in Australia
they are 100% into money and making more money. they would be my first hit with something like.

"You are sinners and you use my house as a market place to worship money.

Leave now and do not return untill you have repented of your wealth and luxuries !"

I would love to see the flood of BMWs and Lexus speeding out of the car park :-)
Some years ago at the hight of the refugee hysteria of the Howard years I knew of a young Christian man who was a refugee from Iran, he was deported back to Iran and disappeared never to be seen again. At that time Hillsong was hosting visits by both Howard and Costello.

For over a year I attempted to get an answer from Houston or the church if they supported the deportation of Christians to fundamentalist Muslim countries where they faced the death penalty.

I got every excuse under the sun why they could not give me an answer and why Houston was not able to give an opinion.

I called and spoke to many people wrote letters and emailed but never got anything like a definite answer.

My opinion was "while the money was rolling in and they had rich government supporters in their congregation who cares what happens to a few poor raghead arab christians who come here looking for help"

-this is god leave this evil place for you have become whore's for the wicked and greedy who ask you for money in my name. do not be decieved for i require not your money nor your blashemps engravened idol of the messiah.

something like that so they wont catch on
Did someone mention meatinis?

Joel Veitch, of RatherGood.com chilling with a meatini.




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