Isn't Functional Stupidity in business a version of willful ignorance in religion and politics?

Smart Organizations Should Also Be Stupid, According to New Theory

... a new theory of 'functional stupidity' that has been published in the Journal of Management Studies.

"We see functional stupidity as the absence of critical reflection. It is a state of unity and consensus that makes employees in an organisation avoid questioning decisions, structures and visions," says Mats Alvesson. "Paradoxically, this sometimes helps to raise productivity in an organisation."

the logic behind 'functional stupidity'.

"It is a double-edged sword. It is functional because it has some advantages and makes people concentrate enthusiastically on the task in hand. It is stupid because risks and problems may arise when people do not pose critical questions about what they and the organisation are doing."

The state is partly a consequence of a kind of 'stupidity management', which suppresses and marginalises doubt and blocks open communication within the organisation.

"Short-term use of intellectual resources, consensus and an absence of disquieting questions about decisions and structures may oil the organisational machinery and contribute to harmony and increased productivity in a company. However, it may also be its downfall."

"Functional stupidity is prominent in economies that are dominated by persuasion using images and symbolic manipulation. It is preferable that people have an enthusiastic belief in an activity which may not necessarily fulfill a need.
... some industries are more stupid than others. ... parts of the mass media, the fashion industry and consultancy firms, are highlighted as being particularly disposed to develop functional stupidity.


So religions are organizations that specialize in functional stupidity, right?

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... 'stupidity management', which suppresses and marginalises doubt and blocks open communication within the organisation

It sounds especially like certain top-down, hierarchical religions!

But they are completely correct that this approach can have benefits, in the short term.  Unfortunately, this is the Adderall generation.  We're all functionally stupid.  Lo, the End is Nigh.

Oh god, this is terrible!  I didn't believe it, but it's true!  And yes, I WOULD like cops to think critically about the morality of each and every act, thank you!

"So religions are organizations that specialize in functional stupidity, right?" I hope this is a rhetorical question. Oh well; it also sounds like our political system.

I would agree that religions are organizations that specialize in functional stupidity.

Simply put, no.  Willful ignorance is willful.  The absence of reflection is not necessarily willful.  Some subset of absences of reflection is willful, of course, but not all.

Now, actually implementing this "functional stupidity" in an organization would certainly require willful ignorance on the parts of employees, though it still wouldn't be quite the same as the proper sort of willful ignorance you find in the wild.

True story.  It would be a kind of tongue-in-cheek ignorance to pretend to be stupid on the job, because that's what they were paying you for.  It's entirely different to actually be stupid.

kinda like.. the way Marcro Rubio faith hopped.. from one religion to the other.. now he's.. cath.. i mean mor.. anyhew:
w/o outlets you become a slave to .. something.?someone?

atheists have many things in common.. not just the lack of a myth law in life...
so. the 'stupid'? are maybe just weak minds? or hiding something they cannot come to terms with?

no coincidence how right/faith wingers cling so hard 'honor' or... tradition?as to not even report crazed shit that happens to a mental health advisor of the state level kind nah mean!? drama

as the further discreditation ? discrediting of organized for profit tax free havens for gamblers etc.. with the crazed sadism too involved with so many patriarchal religions just fade.. they fade.
It's 2013. A certain robot in orbit can catch you smoking on break~




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