A.C Grayling asks what a non-fundamentalist atheist would be ? He asks if a non-fundamentalist atheist would, perhaps, believe in only a part of God (a divine foot or buttock), or if a non-fudmentalist atheist would believe in a part time god (one who maybe exists on wednesdays or saturdays, or even maybe on sundays). The reason he asks is because this is one of the relatively new last ditch efforts used by Christians, saying that atheism is just another religion, and that some atheists are fundamentalist atheists, just as some Christians are fundamentalists. Grayling is saying that all atheists are fundamentalist atheists, but it has nothing to do with atheism being a belief system or religion, which it is not. His final word on the matter implies that atheists are fundamentally sensible. I whole-heartedly agree.

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When an xian tells me atheism is a religion, I say "That's not so" and leave.

I value my time and do not engage.

How about, "Atheism is a religion like bald is a hair color," ... THEN leave!

I like it, Loren, but it requires xians to do some thinking.

They do obedience better.

Or, if a xian says atheism is a religion, how about, "You're full of shit, you ignorant moron."

By calling atheism a religion, they want to define us and categorize us in their narrow world view, rather than reality. One of the things they do is make up their own definition about us, no matter how false or ridiculous, convince themselves it's accurate, and then act on it. We really shouldn't be that surprised. After all, the basis of their world view is a made up fairy tale, that they convinced themselves is true, and then act on that. But, when they do, we need to forcefully call them out on it, and make them attempt to defend it which, of course, they can't.

Only the SCOTUS's Antonin Scalia would say, "You're full of shit, you ignorant moron."

He would hurl those words at the ACLU, FFRF, AU, and their allies.

I doubt Scalia would say that. More likely, he would comment about being possessed by the devil, whom he actually believes exists.

"You're full of shit, you ignorant moron." - that does have a certain style to it.

Maybe he heard that old wartime saying that "there are no atheists in fox holes." What this means, of course, is that man doesn't want to die. That's why we have religions in the first place. Therefore, many non-fundamentalist christians could get religion in the fox holes and believe that god was the devine foot who kicked the bullets away! Christians get away with believing anything!

Atheism is just another religion? Yeah, like washing your car is your religion or your computer is your god. I think I agree with Pat on this one. LOL

If you leave definitions and belief ideas to the christians they will have us going to services and worshipping the "unknown atheist" who was the creator of all things. They are retarded!

Ask the religious two questions when you hear this BS.  The first is a set-up, the reaction to the second is so fun to watch.

First question, "What is religion?"

The answer to this question is invariably some version of "what you believe in."  Here the believer is gearing up to tell you all the ways that atheism is a belief system, and thus a religion.

Second question, "So your religion is just whatever you believe in?"

Answer: "yes...no, kind of, I mean...wait"

Have fun.

I like it! The Socratic method... letting them approach the conclusions themselves.

Nice response.

I would also ask them, how to they define "fundamentalism".  The word has a specific meaning, and a specific history.  A christian fundamentalist builds their religion on the 5 fundamentals -

Biblical inspiration and the inerrancy of scripture as a result of this
Virgin birth of Jesus
Belief that Christ's death was the atonement for sin
Bodily resurrection of Jesus
Historical reality of the miracles of Jesus

I bet most christians, and most of the rest of us, conflate "fundamentalism" with "extremism".  While fundamentalism, by definition, is extreme, by the 5 principles of fundamentalism an atheist is the opposite of a fundamentalist.  A christian who does not know what a fundamentalist is, should be told to go look it up.,

As an atheist, I might be an afundamentalist-

1.  The bible is not inspired, coming from multiple sources with multiple agendas, and is full of flaws.
2.  There is no evidence for the virgin birth of Jesus, or even the existence of Jesus.
3.  With no Jesus, and no god, it's hard to claim Jesus' death was the atonement for sin
4.  WIth no Jesus, it's hard to claim he was resurrected.  And even if he existed, there is no evidence he was resurrected, outside the bible.
5.  There is no independent evidence for the miracles of Jesus.

So there you have it - "Afundamentalism"

Thank you Mindy.  I'm probably being too legalistic about it, but sometimes I like to get to the fundamentals.


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