We were just about finished reading a book on the Salem witch trials. Finally finishing I stretch back and tell the girl next to me:

Wow, they were really superstitious. Witchcraft? They were morons.

I believe in witchcraft because I'm a Christian.

*stifling laughter* Christians don't have to believe in witchcraft 

*suddenly my mutual enemy, who also happens to be fundamentalist, hears this and turns around. You may know him if you read my previous thread."

Witchcraft is real, you can do it by conjuring spirits or doing magic.

Well you'd obviously be a witch, then.

*Friend turns around*

No you can practice witchcraft and not be a witch.

*suddenly I have 4 or 5 people on me about how witchcraft is real*

I can't believe you guys believe in that junk!

*class is then dismissed and we go to our lockers*

This really had me laughing afterwards. Not the fact they believed in witchcraft, but the fact they thought they HAD to because they were Christian.

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yeah... burnt at the stake. called the dark ages
Probably because their bible mentions witches: King James Version: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Exodus 22:18

christians also practice "witchcraft". the way they pray to conjure the holy spirit and the help from dead saints etc..

lay that one on them.




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