In my first three years at Ball State University, we never had any campus preachers. This year we've already had a few. They never drew much attention from the student population, but for whatever reason, when they came out yesterday, so did the students. Many of us made signs of our own. Mine said, "If you're gay, that's OK!". Our newspaper came out and covered what happened (link below). Several people were interviewed including myself, the president of Spectrum (our LGBT student group), and others. It was an interesting day and was fun to watch how people reacted. One problem I felt was that too many Christians were trying to debate Christianity and what the Bible said. I think the best way to go against these guys is with absurdity, take their credibility away by not even engaging them in a real dialouge. Signs about how God hates Facebook and FSM stuff is always my favorite.

Anyway, check out the story and tell me what you think.

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