Can anyone fill me in on what happened with Amazon's policy?

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I wonder whether we, together, might not ask Amazon to revert their decision to exclude us from their list of charities. An email to which we might all add our names, for example.

Delia Rubens

So we were singled out?

I wouldn't mind. I'm surprised you would. This is 2018, not  the Middle Ages.

I see that you go by your first name only, even in this discussion.

It's unfortunate that people are given reasons to not list their full names but it is what it is

Delia, don't kid yourself for an instant that Atheist Nexus is somehow a private organization, accessible to members only.  We've had our share of evangelical interlopers, though they don't generally last long, and others looking in from the outside.  I learned this the hard way, back in 2012.

Of course, I'm also an out atheist in an environment which is relatively friendly, aside from my own attitude, which, summarized, is that I don't give a rotten dump WHO knows that I'm an atheist.  Someone living in Alabama or Mississippi may feel otherwise.  The issue of "coming out," of being public with one's atheism, will always be a PERSONAL one.

What you say makes sense, Loren. Thanks so much for your answer.

I live in Buenos Aires. Argentina is a Catholic country, but I've always been an out atheist.

As you wisely say, "The issue of "coming out," of being public with one's atheism, will always be a PERSONAL one."

I had no idea there were interlopers! I must be rather naïve.

My pleasure, Delia.  As for dealing with "interlopers," believe me, we had a spate of them some years back, and they were tiresome.  It's been a while since the last incident, or at least the last one I was aware of.

I'd be intrigued to know what the secular environment is like in Buenos Aires and how the whole atheism versus Catholicism contretemps is going, if there is one.  Perhaps you could write a post about that sometime and let some of us north of the equator learn how things are going in your "neck of the woods!"

The secular movement in Argentina is, unfortunately, nothing to speak of. There used to be an "Asociación de ateos en Argenina," but it's been gone for a long time. We are few and have no connection among ourselves, that's why I decided to join Atheist Nexus.

Catholicism is VERY strong in Argentina, especially in the provinces. Buenos Aires is both a megalopolis and a cosmopolis, and a quite progressive city: there is equal sex marriage and legal divorce. But the Church is SO strong that we haven't been able to have an abortion law passed because the church is against it,  because senators and representatives mainly from the provinces have voted against it.  But there is a lot of unrest in this city  , and I think that the law will eventually (in years maybe) be passed.

Every time I tell I say I am an atheist it someone will try to make me "see the light." It is a bit tiresome, I must say. But I remain adamant, of course.

Delia, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It is true that believers want to make us "see the light" as well and it is tiresome.  Ruth recently gave us some clues on how to deal with such nonsense. 
Mind Control Speech Pathology

I like to debate, and I agree with the article that debating with someone whose goal is to make me angry and frustrated, makes no sense. When I debate such a person, I get myself down in the mud with them and sound like a squealing pig. 

I will reserve debate for those worthy of my time. 

Religion causes so much harm in individuals and families, I just want to put an end to the lies, denials, distortions, and the modern form of torture that the religious impose on people. 

Just because it is wise to refuse to get into a discussion with closed minded people who play games, does not mean we have to remain silent. There are other ways to affirm a lack of belief in superhuman powers and superstitions. We can celebrate nature in all its glory and can do that in our own ways and times. We can feast the changes of the seasons, or the coming and going of the tides. We can see each other with an appreciation of each other's talents. We can make music, stories, foods, garments to reflect our personalities. We can climb mountains and float down divers, we can care for each other and show compassion for those who suffer. We can accept invitations from Africans and help build toilets in villages that need sanitation, and create pumps to bring clean water to a village. We can create rooms and homes for people who can't make them for themselves. We can grow vegetables and fruits and share them with our communities. 

There are lots of things we can do and we just do not have time for the silly conversations and debates with bullies. 

My suspicion is that they dropped the charity / 501(c)(3) / whatever option they had altogether, which of course leaves Atheist Nexus out in the cold.  I'd be dubious that we were "singled out," any more than any other organization might have been.

So ... I nudged my monthly donation up and threw a sawbuck in on the GoFundMe page ... and I urge all of you to do the same.

I don't fully understand financials, but it sounds like a technicality that left us out in the cold. I hope enough donations come in as this seems like a good place

Adam, I've been here since November of 2009, and there are a few others who have been here longer.  A|N has been a place where I can express myself, get feedback, and learn more about atheism and its implications.

For myself, yeah, I think it's a pretty good place.  Your mileage may vary.




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