Can anyone fill me in on what happened with Amazon's policy?

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I'm with you, Loren. With the loss of that funding, I now budget for Atheist Nexus.

I had the same question.  As of this writing, no comments have answered it.  The announcement from Richard gave no information as to the why.  10 mins of searching on this site, Amazon and Google gave up nothing.  The last change's in the affiliate referral program according to Amazon was a payout change in March 2017.  The answer is probably out there but I've been unable to find it.

With the number of members here, if we knew the details it might be possible to find a potential solution within the Amazon program.

I agree

Sorry for the confusion. Being on the inside, I was blinded to the fact I was not being clear. I will be clarifying and giving an update soon. Thanks for your support everyone. -- Richard

I look forward to reading your update, Richard, and continue my emotional support as I begin to contribute to my financial support. 

Joan, a few updates have  been sent by email. All is heading in the right direction. Thansk for your support. Richard

I too have seen nothing beyond the initial email, and I too found little informative with a Google.

They are all moving towards tigher revenue generation models. Nexus needs to move on, but I cant get Brother Richard to answer posts. 

Philip we have made it clear that we cannot sell or endorse people's products. 

I use an ad blocker.  Popups, flashing banners, and other animated stuff is too distracting for me and significantly degrades my online experience.  Plus, I think some of those ads can be a conduit for malware and security risks.  Plus, I don't need a Muslim bride, as some of the popups think I do.  I am also not a member of Facebook any more, because I think being on that system makes me (a tiny part of) the moral and ethical rot (to use words from the Washington Post) of Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, and their craven minions.    So, I can't contribute to Nexus by giving Zuckerberg & Sandberg data about my intimate life and subjecting myself to their data mining and supporting their Facebook's de facto mercenary manipulation of the electorate.  At least Nexus didn't profit from genocide in Myanmar and killings in Sri Lanka, and didn't profit from Russian manipulation of the 2016 US elections.  I imagine using an ad blocker causes a loss of revenue for Nexus.  I don't know that, but it makes sense.  Therefore, I put $50 into the funding campaign.  Hopefully, that makes up for using the ad blocker for the year, and then some.  If others are using an ad blocker, and not giving to the go fund me campaign, then I don't know what to say to them.

I've been on Nexus since 2008, except for a hiatus for about 6 months this year.  It's a different community compared to back then.  A long time ago, there was talk of creating sort of a "Nexus Prime", which would be a paid version of Nexus.  That never happened, and I don't think there would be support for that now, nor would there be the wherewithall.  Maybe one member who is a curmudgeon and thinks differently.  Nothing in life, is free.  We pay for things, one way or another.  If there is an existential threat to the site, due to lost funding, then there is only one choice that i know if, which is to contribute something.

I am on Nexus because being here allows me to have some conversations with some people who I care about, regarding some things that I enjoy.  That's enough for me to want the site to continue.

There is a type of membership prime. Currently, the largest source of support for Nexus comes from those who choose to upgrade their membership. I would hope that those who use ad blocking would consider this option.


A slight tangent: would it cost Atheist Nexus more (and how much?) to switch to secure SSL, i.e. https:// connections? That would (1) give some confidence that visits to aren't being snooped on, and that the site isn't being filtered or impersonated by a man-in-the-middle attack, and (2) even conceal which specific URLs at are being visited. As is, with unsecure http:// connections, it's as (not) private as using very very fast postcards.

(People living under hostile governments would still need to take additional precautions. HTTPS by itself doesn't conceal the domain name, or the fact of traffic to and from the site. But HTTPS is the standard these days, and we'd look better providing it.)




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