Fundraisers Use Fear, Anger and Guilt. Which Emotion Gets Money from You?

When they try to stir fear I know they are conservatives.

When they try to stir anger I know they are progressives.

And when they try stir guilt I know they are liberals.

Of the various futures the fundraisers want, which stirs your fear? Your anger? Your guilt?

(Few people are always fearful, or always angry, or always guilty, so don’t get too analytical here.)

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Before I retired to San Francisco I moved often: Ohio, Florida — 4 cities, Texas — 2 cities, Arizona, SF. (We computer people could be well-paid migrant workers.)

When one political party always won in the November general elections, I registered with that party. By doing that I could vote in primary elections for candidates who would win. I got fundraising mail from everywhere on the emotional spectrum.

Occasionally I read something that rouses concern (rarely real fear), anger, or almost never guilt.

When I do, my first reaction should be, and usually is, to fact-check.

Often I find that the trigger was exaggerated.  I reassess my response based on what's real.  Usually it's much more muted.

But suppose I find that the Republican tax plan will, in fact, remove health care payments from thousands, eventually millions, while letting the very rich keep even more of what they "earn"?  I can't change the bill.  Writing my members of Congress will change nothing; they're already on my side.  Writing a Senator from Texas with a New Mexico return address will rouse, at most, derision.

So generally I adjust my thinking to take in reality and move on.  Not much of a response?  True.

I'm too much of an introvert to get me with emotion.

Recently I heard of a large group of refugees on the move. "Over 50% women and children!" I thought, wait, if that's a bunch of families with two children apiece, that would make 75% women and children! So what's the deal with the over 50% comment?

None have gotten any of my money since 1980. The "art" of politics is to do it with other people's money, but I grew up and decided none of them would do it with mine. My main e-mail has political ads out the ying yang but they mostly just get deleted.

I am vocal for causes and do not donate money. I'm an activist who supports many thing and that includes the ACLU.




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